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Recently I encountered some pretty incredible looking soccer pitches. It got me thinking about how many amazing + unique pitches, parking lots, back alleys, rooftops, etc there are around the world where soccer is being played. Some may be pristine grass pitches with all the amenities you could hope for. Others may be just a couple of sticks in the desert. But they represent the beautiful game and the countless locations that it is played around the world. So I wanted to explore this notion more and share them with you. I started doing this on the Bumpy Pitch Instagram page, but now I want to bring them to TOW as well. In addition to just images, we will try and share some info on each pitch. Location. Any clubs (amateur, professional or otherwise) that may be associated with the pitch. Any interesting facts about them. It’s a big world and a global sport so there are bound to be countless amazing places to play soccer all over the world. If you happen to see one that piques your interest, send us a couple photos along with any relevant info you can and we’ll include it in the series. And follow Bumpy Pitch on IG for all the #globalpitches posts.

These pitches are also a reminder to get out there. Travel and explore. Bring a soccer ball. Find a couple of sticks or rocks and make your own goal. Start an impromptu pick up game. See the world and experience the sport in as many interesting places and locations as possible. It’s the global game. Be a part of that.

These pitches are another reminder of  just how beautiful the beautiful game is.

Today’s featured pitch in the series is located in Vagur, Faroe Islands and it is one of the first ones I posted on IG. It’s a stunning green pitch juxtaposed against the rocks and jagged coastline. A pick up game here with friends would be an incredible way to spend an afternoon.



The stadium is called Vesturi á Eiðinum Stadium and FC Suðuroy play their home matches here. FC Suðuroy is a Faroese Football Club that which was founded in January 2010 and consists currently of the former clubs VB Vágur (founded in 1905) and SÍ Sumba (founded in 1949), which merged in 2005 to form VB/Sumba. The stadium holds 3,000 people, but has only 330 seats.

I don’t really know much about the Faroe Islands, but after seeing this pitch, I had to do a little Googling. First and foremost, I realized the Faroe Islands is a place I need to visit. The Faroe Islands is it’s own archipelago and autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. It’s located northwest of Scotland between Norway and Iceland. And it looks pretty stunning.

Peep this place Gasadular, Vagar


Yep. It looks like that.

But I want to go to this place. And play soccer on this pitch.



Submit pitches to be included in this series to bp [at] bumpy pitch [dot] com. Include some info and as much detail as you can and we will include in our #globalpitches campaign.


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Bumpy Pitch x BAIT x KTTP Jersey and Hat

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For everyone that has been asking when the Bumpy Pitch x BAIT x KTTP jersey and hat will be available online, that time is now. The items were initially exclusive to the BAIT stores but now we are excited to be able to make them available to all of our folks. The jersey and hat are both available and in stock at Bumpy Pitch. The jersey comes in sizes small – XXL and that hat is a snap back so it is one size fits all. For more info on the collaboration and each item, check out a deeper write up on all of that here.

The two piece collection and the parties involved in creating this helps bridge the gap between soccer and the lifestyle that surrounds the sport. The movement continues.

Bumpy Pitch x BAIT x KTTP jersey

Bumpy Pitch x BAIT x KTTP snap back


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Columbus Crew Has A New Stadium Name :: MAPFRE Stadium

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~~  It’s been a long, long time coming for the iconic ‘Crew Stadium’ to get an official naming rights deal done…. (And I can remember a couple deals in the past coming close, but falling apart at the last second.)

Anthony Precourt and company doing some big things in C-Bus over the last 18 months and this announcement comes on the backside of the new team logo they dropped late last year.

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Sunderland’s Adam Johnson Arrested – ‘Suspicion Of Sex With Underage Girl’

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~~  I’m going let you read that again…..

Nothing from Sunderland’s Twitter feed.  OR their official website.

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MLS Atlanta Hires Carlos Bocanegra as Club Technical Director

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A message from the newest member of #MLSAtlanta, Carlos Bocanegra.

A video posted by MLS Atlanta (@mlsatlanta2017) on

MLS Atlanta today announced the appointment of former U.S. Men’s National Team player Carlos Bocanegra as technical director of Major League Soccer’s 22nd team. He will join club President Darren Eales in April following his move from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

In this role Los and pres Darren Eales, will oversee day-to-day non-coaching operations of the first team, development and implementation of a worldwide scouting network and oversight of player wellness and rehabilitation. He’ll also oversee youth academy programs and serve as a liaison with MLS league officials on player regulations and other league rules.

More information and complete presser over at

* Well done all the way around. Great hire for the ATL. Great gig for Los. Congrats to everyone, and especially the 909 LEGEND Carlos Bocanegra!

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Jose Mourinho :: Squirts TV Camera With Water Bottle

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~~  If there are any questions as to why #TheSpecialOne breaks #TheInternets, here you go…. Jose Mourinho knows exactly what he’s doing the moment he leaves his house…… And we love him for it.

There’s no a single coach OR player (well, maybe #Swagotelli) that can touch this man…. ‘Back in your cage Wenger……’

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Maynor Figueroa Tackle On Stephen Ireland

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~~  Is there still a question for those ‘sports fans’ that think soccer is ‘soft’?

I’ve seen some TERRIBLE tackles over the years, but not too often do you see an unjury as awful as this…..

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Odell Beckham Jr, Lawrence Okoye, Menelik Watson and Eric Wood at Tottenham Training Center with Friedel and DeAndre

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Lawrence Okoye of the San Francisco 49ers shows off his skills whilst DeAndre Yedlin watches on. #COYS

A photo posted by Tottenham Hotspur (@spursofficial) on

The New York football Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr., who burst on the scene last year with an AMAZING one-handed catch last season, also burst on the soccer scene as bloggers and media alike found out that he was a former soccer player after his name started to ring out during the season.

As you may know, the NFL has been trying their absolute darn’dest to get the National Football League to expand to the UK with NFLUK, so they do town hall’s and fanfests during the off-season where they bring players overseas to speak to fans. This time around Beckham went with Lawrence Okye, Menelik Watson and Eric Wood.

Being a soccer head, it only makes sense that Beckham and crew would find a way to a pitch for some meet and greets and photo ops. Turns out, the NFL has a pretty good relationship with some teams and obviously there are Americans abroad playing in the Premier League. Here’s a few pics.

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