Watch :: Keira Knightley and Seth Share Both Love West Ham Football

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Keira Knightley was on Late Night with Seth Meyers recently to promote her new movie called The Imitation Game. The movie is about an English mathematician and logician, Alan Turing, who helps crack the Enigma code during World War II. Toward the end of the interview, Seth and Keira talked about their love for West Ham Football.

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Listen :: LAFC Owner Tony Robbins talks with Colin Cowherd

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tony robbins the herd lafc

Author Tony Robbins talks about the first big break in his career, how state tax rates affect athletes’ contract negotiations, soccer’s potential and the role motivation plays in success.

* I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it, LAFC and the team that they have put together, is BUILT TO WIN. We don’t know the players that they will have, we don’t know who the GM will be, we don’t know where they will play, we dont know a lot of things….. but the one thing that we know is that the ownership group and the management team that they have put together is absolutely built. to. win.

I might have to buy a Tony Robbins download right now because this guy has got me fired up!

Listen here : Tony Robbins, Author on THE HERD with Colin Cowherd

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Tim Howard Named 2014 U.S. Soccer Male Athlete of the Year

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U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper was named the 2014 Male Athlete of the Year for his stellar year with the MNT and his memorable performance at the World Cup in Brazil.

Well deserved.

Full presser available at

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Twelfth Man – Video

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Twelfth Man (2014) from Third Films on Vimeo.

Newcastle and Sunderland fans do not like each other. Let’s go ahead and put that out there as a statement of fact. This video shows what game day is like between these two fans. This short film gets in the mix of fans chanting and taunting one another. These fans are spewing some awful things at one another. The tension is clearly palpable. The whole things is like a powder keg – ready to go off at any moment.

And somehow, the filmmakers are able to take all this hatred and chaos and present it artistically.It always amazes me when something as dangerous and vitriolic as this is can be presented in a way where it’s visually pleasing even if the undertone is full of malice.

I won’t front, this Newcastle v Sunderland fan situation looks real rugged. I’ll tell you right now who I would never want to be – one of them stewards standing in between the fans. These cats aren’t police officers with weapons and dogs ready to attack. These are folks that show people to their seats when they are lost. Yet somehow they are the safety barriers separating fans that hate each other. Eff that.

That was my two cents on this. But here is some legit info on this piece of cinemetary (is that a real word) goodness.

Director: Duane Hopkins, Short Film, 6 mins
Producer: Samm Haillay (Third Films)
Editors: Michael Gardiner, John Minton
Sound Design: Michael Gardiner
Commissioned by Mexico’s Arte Mecanica as part of an anthology of 31 short films
commemorating the 2014 World Cup

Shout out to my boy Zipper for passing this along which he spotted over on our homies site GearPatrol.

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Bayern Munich Announces Allianz Arena Paid ‘In Full’ Almost 16 Years Early

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Allianz Arena

~~  Reports now stating that Pep & Co. will have another €25m or so to spend during transfer windows after paying off the €340m stadium almost sixteen years early…. #PrintingEuros

via FCBayern

In his column for the latest edition of club journal Bayern Magazin, published prior to the home meeting with1899 Hoffenheim, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge makes an important and highly positive announcement: All debts, loans and costs related to the construction of the Allianz Arena have been “paid off in full,” the FCB chairman declares, “all that remains is a very small sum due to technical procedures.” The costs were originally scheduled to be paid down over a 25-year period, “but we’ve actually paid for the stadium in only nine and a half years,” Rummenigge continued, “and this has been achieved without a single Euro in subsidy from federal funds, the state of Bavaria or the city of Munich.”

** ISPS Note **

I don’t normally barge in on posts, but I think this will be value add – Be advised that bayern Munich has some of the lowest ticket prices in all of soccer. The best team in the world has season tickets that start out at £109.65. Which is $172 USD. And thats not a per game price, that is the price for the ENTIRE season ticket.

Bundesliga as a whole has ridiculously low season ticket prices actually. And, not only do they keep the season ticket prices down, as a league, the teams put a limit on the total amount of season tickets sold to around 50% so that more real fans get to come to the games.

One of the things that we see here in America and American sports in general is that the fan dollar is mortgaged to the hilt and team owners line their pockets by jacking up ticket prices and concession prices and merch prices, etc, all the while in most situations the fans and citizens of the community are the ones paying for the stadiums to be built anyways with taxes and subsidies and bond measures.

I, for one, am a huge capitalism guy and I think its the best economic and political system in the world, but, I am also a fan and get ridiculously frustrated with team owners taking advantage of my fanaticism and being overly greedy by turning sports into cash machines. Goof to see this story come out.

** ISPS opinion **

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Brazilian Nene Hilario and Washington Wizards are playing FIFA … On the Verizon Center Jumbotron!

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For all of the unfamiliar, Nene is the 6 foot 11, starting center for the Washington preofessional basketball team. He is also Brazilian. He played soccer most of his childhood, but around the age of 13, decided to give it up in favor of basketball because he just too big.

Apparently, he was good enough that he was invited to train with pro clubs in Brazil. Favorite teams are Sao Paulo and Barcelona, and his favorite player is Ronaldinho. And as we can see here, he is a FIFA fan. Well done Nene!

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Soccer In America – A Photographic Journey

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SIA - Alexi

On set for the ESPN broadcast of the AT&T MLS All-Star game, Alexi Lalas shades himself from the Portland, OR sun on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014. The MLS All-Stars beat Bayern Munich 2-1 at Providence Park.

~~  / Twitter: @soccer_watcher

To be included in our Soccer In America – A Photographic Series, send your Pictures to and include your Twitter & Instagram handles

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Watch :: “Face to Face with the Arsenal Family” Commercial

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Bearing a striking resemblance to their famous footballer relatives, all is not as it seems as uncle Kenny Wilshere, Trudy Mertesacker and Darren Oxlade-Chamberlain reveal what it’s like to be ‘related’ to an Arsenal superstar. Talented in their very own ways – from a poetic plumber (of sorts) to a world beating baker and a plane spotter nicknamed The Shrub – they offer us an exclusive peek into their lives as they move their way to a match day and beyond. – by Europ Car UK

* This commercial is greatness. I have a hard time deciding who and which story line is my favorite, but I’m going to go with Jack and Kenneth Wilshere. I’d almost say that I need Uncle Kenneth to have his own series…

I’d love to see video of the “philosopher….midfielder….plumber….philosopher.”

Shouts out to reddit by the way. I happened to see this video this morning on one of my feeds and it blew this video up. There were only a couple hundred view this morning but now its up over 70k.

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