Martin Odegaard Trains With Real Madrid First Team

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~~  Can you even imagine what it was like for Martin Odegaard this morning as he walked out onto the field for his first training session with Real Madrid’s Galaticos?

By the way, this is the picture of Gareth Bale with his arm around Odegaard after training that was floating around….. Love it.  Think the kid is going to do just fine for himself.

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Trailer :: Ted 2 starring Seth MacFarlane & Mark Wahlberg

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~~  Hell. Yes.  The one liners that are gonna come out of this movie…..

Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he’s a person in a court of law.

Release Date :: June 26th, 2015

Starring :: Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried & Seth MacFarlane

Trailer - Ted2

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MLS Announces Sale Of KickTV To Copa90

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~~  Incredibly interested to see how this new deal works out for both sides going forward……

MLS will retain an ownership stake in the newly created company and will work strategically with Copa90. Per MLS policy, specific terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Today is an exciting day for our company,” said Tom Thirlwall, CEO, Copa90. “We are welcoming an industry leader and creating the largest premium football fan network. This acquisition rapidly escalates our plan and gives us an entrance to the North American market with a brilliant team and operation ready to go in New York. We cannot wait to tell more of the amazing football stories that are emerging as a new fan culture develops in the world’s biggest sports market. This is just the beginning of the expansion of Copa90 but this deal with MLS is a landmark.”

“We have built a successful global soccer platform and we’re very proud of that,” said Gary Stevenson, President and Managing Director, MLS Business Ventures. “This is the next step in KICKTV’s evolution. We are delighted to maintain an interest in the company and we will support its growth moving forward. We’re excited about KICKTV and Copa90.”

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adidas Release TWO New Mexico Jerseys

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~~  Clean and classic color ways chosen for the new adidas x Mexico drop……

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Luis Figo To Challenge Sepp Blatter for FIFA Presidency

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I like this right here. I like this for a lot of reasons.

It seems like more and more people are willing to step up and challenge Sepp Blatter. That’s a good thing. At the very least, there should be options. Whether or not people end up voting for change, that is an entirely different story. But there should, at the very least, be some options on the FIFA ballot. On any ballot!

Luis Figo clearly cares about the sport. He seems like he genuinely wants to give back to the sport that has clearly given him so much. Just look at some of his quotes from this CNN interview:

“I care about football, so what I’m seeing regarding the image of FIFA — not only now but in the past years — I don’t like it.”

“If you search FIFA on the internet you see the first word that comes out: scandal — not positive words. It’s that we have to change first and try to improve the image of FIFA. Football deserves much better than this.”

-It sure does, Luis.

“I’ve been talking with so many important people in football — players, managers, president of federations — and they all think that something has to be done.

“Last year was the World Cup, I was in Brazil and I saw the reaction of all the fans regarding the image of FIFA and I think something has to be changed.

“Change in leadership, governance, transparency and solidarity, so I think it’s the moment for that.”

Figo has served on the UEFA Football Committee from 2011 to 2015 so he’s go that experience. I’m sure he would have the support of plenty of people in various capacities in the game. And he sounds like he really cares about the problems that are taking place and the way that FIFA is tarnishing the image of the sport around the world.

And then there was this from Figo about the whole Michael Garcia report and FIFA refusing to publish it:

“After that report was not published I think that was the moment of change and the moment I thought that something had to be done,” Figo explained.

“If you are transparent and if you ask for an investigation, a report, which you have nothing to hide, why don’t you make public that report? If you have nothing to hide about that, you have to do it.

“[Publishing the report] is the easy thing to do if all the people is doubting what happened. If it came from FIFA to order that report and after that you don’t publish, it is not a good decision.”

Beating out Sepp in the election might prove to be a monumental task. But I’m happy to see Figo and a few others putting their name on the ballot. It needs to be done. Seems like some change there is long overdue.

Check the full interview over at CNN.

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Clint Dempsey and Jurgen Klinsmann Preview US v Chile

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Clint Dempsey and Jurgen Klinsmann speak a bit ahead of the Chile v US match that will be taking place in a few hours. Clearly everyone with US Soccer is trying to get 2015 off to a successful start and they have a very formidable opponent in Chile. This should be a pretty good test for the US, especially playing Chile away.

I’m just happy to see the US back on the field.

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Brian Straus – 1 on 1 With Don Garber

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Dunny and I bumped into Brian Straus from SI the night before he was to do this one on one interview with Don Garber. He was preparing to ask the Don some pretty serious questions regarding a number of issues with the league. Here is that interview he was prepping for.

Good stuff as always from B. Straus.

And head over to Sports Illustrated for a really good read on the CBA and the challenge of getting that sorted out.

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Indy Eleven Stadium Rendering Video

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There is something special going on in Indianapolis right now. Indy Eleven is happening and they are doing things in a very impressive manner. They averaged more than 10k for their home games last year and have more than 7k in season ticket holders. Impressive numbers for sure. But more than just numbers, there seems to be a very legit movement going on there in regards to soccer. Peter Wilt and co. have come in and done a remarkable job of growing the sport and Indy Eleven in a short period of time.

Now we get to see this video of what their proposed $82 million stadium might look like. And it looks really, really rad.

Indy Eleven has their work cut out for them with this proposed stadium as they have to get it approved. That’s never an easy task. But they have momentum and they have a sport and a fanbase that is growing.

It’s incredible to see more soccer specific stadiums being proposed and hopefully built, and not just for MLS teams. It’s also pretty remarkable to see what these soccer stadiums are looking like. It wasn’t that long ago (relatively speaking) that Columbus built the first modern soccer specific stadium here in the US. These stadiums just keep getting more and more impressive and more and more of them seem to be on the horizon. Exciting times for sure.

Props to Indy Eleven and best of luck on getting your stadium done.

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