Video :: Sporting KC Thanks Fans for 50 Straight Sell Outs at Sporting Park

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Sporting Kansas City celebrates the club’s 50th consecutive MLS sellout at Sporting Park with a special message for their supporters.

* This is a really cool video. Pretty special what is going on in MLS and Kansas City. As you know, I’m coming at all of this from an outsider that has been granted admission into the soccer world. I’ve been to football games, and basketball games, and soccer games, and track meets and etc. I’m been to both professional games, and college games, and high school games and local runs. I’m kind of a sports junkie. Big schools, little schools, popular teams, and not so popular teams. I’ve been to Lakers games when they were winning championships and Clippers games BEFORE Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. I’ve gone to Sparks games, I’ve gone to UCLA baseball games, and soccer games and USC volleyball games and minor league baseball games.

I’ve seen every kind of engagement that an organization can do… but what I am seeing in soccer is on a whole different level.

What I have seen in cities like Portland and Seattle and Columbus and Kansas City when there is a game on, and its nothing short of incredible. This video, is just another extension of that. Its the trendy thing now, in all of sports because its starting to hit the bottom line, but soccer has always taken the time to show appreciation to the fans that come out there. Not just the season ticket holders like most, but every single one that comes out. I love what is going on in our game and I really love what is going on in KC. That organization is right where they need to be.

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ICYMI Video :: Everton v. Chelsea Goals Highlights – Premier League

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Everton 3 – 6 Chelsea : Scoring Summary

Chelsea: Diego Costa (1′, 90′)
Chelsea: (3′) Branislav Ivanovic
Everton: Kevin Mirallas (45′)
Chelsea: (OG 67′) Seamus Coleman
Everton: Steven Naismith (69′)
Everton: Samuel Eto’o (76′)
Chelsea: (74′) Nemanja Matic
Chelsea: (77′) Ramires

Just an unreal Week 3 Premier League match up at Goodison Park today.

An absolute fire start by the title favorite Chelsea getting out to a 2 – nil lead inside of the first 3 minutes. The game was close to getting out of hand when a clearly frustrated Tim Howard caught the ball on the edge of his box which could have resulted in a straight red and a penalty for the visitors, only to be saved by an out of position assistant referee (who may have been subconsciously making up for a messed up an offsides call earlier).

Everton pulled one back just before the half and then an all out battle in the second half ensued, including five goals in 10-minute’s that had the internet burning down. You never felt that Chelsea was going to lose, but you also never felt that Everton was going to let them run away with it.

There are a lot of goals on the scoresheet, but it wasnt because of great finishing… there were some superb finishes for sure, but also some horrible defending on both sides. Timmy has 6 go past him, but of those, a couple of them Superman couldn’t have saved, and the others…. well, there might be some furniture moving during the next film session.

* Other notes *

- Samuel Eto’o's gumby was incredible. That punctuation just looks incorrect.

- Tim Howard welcomed Diego Costa to the Premier League and I dont think he will be taunting to many more Everton players.

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Gumby Haircut :: Bobby Brown v. Samuel Eto’o …. Who ya got?

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Samuel Etoo gumby haircut

I love everything about this post. Samuel Eto’o has never been one to shy away from expressing himself with an interesting haircut, and this isn’t the first time that he’s rocked the Gumby. Although Sam has had some questionably choiced hairstyles, one has to admit that there is always a nod to history with what he is doing. This one, is no different.

If you google Gumby haircut, the face you will see most associated with it, is one of my favorite entertainers of all times, thee Bobby Brown.

If you are some of our younger readers, you may not be hip to him, other than some of the drug induced tabloid fodder of the last decade or so. If you wanted to draw a comparison, I would say that he was the Justin Timberlake dude of a decade earlier. Timberlake is just more talented, Bob was a show. He was in a boy band, but undeniably the star, and went on to solo success that made you sometimes question if the group would have been even more successful if they let him lead.

Anyways, this isnt a post about questionable management, its about Sam’s gumby and Bobby Brown’s gumby.

Ladies and gentlemen….. Bob.

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samuel etoo bobby brown gumby

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Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid – Gym Red / White – Black

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Nike AJ Red

~~ Looks like I’ve got a new pair of #SuitKicks to add to the collection…

A good look at the Gym Red / White – Black color way drop in the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid, spotted and available over at Premier.

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Manchester United Confirms Daley Blind Medical

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~~  After the result this morning, I wouldn’t bet against Man Utd dropping even more money before the Transfer Deadline ticks down.

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Video :: Walking On The Edge Of Mount Stetinden, Norway

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~~  Hell. Yes.  I would do this in a heartbeat….  Must see video.

Simen Olsen (32) from Tromsø,Norway walking on edge of mount Stetinden, Norway’s ‘National Moutain’. On his chest he had a wide-angle camera that filmed parts of the trip.

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Transfer Deadline Day With Twitter

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With #TransferDeadlineDay fast approaching, Twitter has collected a vast amount of transfer related information from this summer and compiled it showing what players are generating the most activity and where that activity is taking place. Very interesting. This visualization above shows geographically where conversations around the big deals has played out since July 1st.

Since the window opened on July 1st the player who has driven the most Tweets related to rumored transfer activity is Arturo Vidal. There have been more than one million mentions relating to his potential move to Manchester United. The top 5 are:

1) Arturo Vidal, 2) Sami Khedira, 3) Marco Reus, 4) Radamel Falcao, 5) Mats Hummels

In terms of the major deals involving Premier League clubs that have already gone through, the five that have seen the most Twitter discussion are:

1) Angel Di Maria, 2) Luis Suarez, 3) Alexis Sanchez, 4) Mario Balotelli, 5) Diego Costa

In terms of all transfer conversation (Done deals & rumored), the three players that have caused the greatest volumes of Tweets around transfer talk this summer are:

1) Angel Di Maria, 2) Luis Suarez, 3) James Rodriguez

The season starts with more than 60% of Premier League players now on Twitter. Tottenham begins the season with 76% of their 1st team on Twitter – highest of any Premier League team at present.

All 20 Premier League Clubs are on Twitter, as well as two managers – @RonaldKoeman and @GarryMonk16

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Bayern Munich Confirms Xabi Alonso & Mehdi Benatia Signings

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~~ Couple of big signings for Pep & Co with an eye on Champions League.

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