Diadora N.9000 NYL Blue/Grey

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It seems like we don’t hear all that much from Diadora anymore. They used to make some of my favorite boots. Diadora even made my list of my favorite boots over the years. But sadly, they just don’t seem to be around in the capacities they used to be. But they are releasing these Blue/Grey N.9000′s that are heat. Subtle colorway and the stitched diadora branding on the back is a very good look. Retailing for $130 at Sneaker Politics.


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Trailer :: Spooks – The Greater Good

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When charismatic terrorist Adam Qasim escapes from MI5 custody during a routine handover, the Head of Counter Terrorism, Sir Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) – is blamed. Disgraced and forced to resign, no-one’s surprised when Harry disappears one night off a bridge into the Thames.

With MI5 on its knees in the wake of the Qasim debacle and facing controversial reform, former officer Will Holloway (Kit Harington) is brought back to uncover the truth they feared Harry’s still alive. He’s gone rogue, and needs Will’s help.

Release Date :: May 8th, 2015

Trailer - Spooks

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SpreadPB – TOW Eats

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The other day I see the following popup on my Instagram feed:


The Elvis: Blueberry bread, nutty peanut butter (homemade), banana, honey, and bacon. ???????????? @spread_pb

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Looks interesting, right?!

Shortly thereafter, I get a call from my boy Ray. He tells me about this new Peanut Butter sandwich shop that he went to. He tells me how good it was and he also says that the co-owner is a big soccer head. That she grew up playing soccer. Played in college. And that she always had a love for peanut butter. So much so, that it was basically the only food that she could eat before a game. Her pre-match meal was peanut butter and a banana. Now I’m really intrigued. So Ray and I make plans to hit up SpreadPB to grab lunch and chop it up with co-owner Katie Kerr.

Before we get there, we get an email from Katie letting us know that business has been so crazy that they are sold out of all but a few flavors of peanut butter. They stock numerous homemade flavors and on the day we were going they were down to three because of demand. Clearly they have hit a nerve with the public and are doing something right.

We head there anyway as we are both hungry and I don’t think either of us wanted to prolong eating a peanut butter sandwich. Katie tells us that they are getting more peanut butter later that day. They have an industrial kitchen in LA where they make all their peanut butter from scratch. According to Katie:

SpreadPB came about because I wanted to do something with peanut butter since I think it is the greatest food on earth- I even belong to the peanut butter of the month club. Every month the PB club would send a weird flavored peanut butter, and every month I would be very excited to try and then very disappointed with how fake and unnatural they tasted. So I wanted to create my own brand of peanut butter that could be funky flavors but still wholesome and delicious.

I’m with that. Somebody creating their own brand because they see a lack in the market for something they are passionate about. That’s pretty much why we started Bumpy Pitch.

Katie told me how they not only focused on the peanut butter and ingredients, but that they wanted to let people have the ability to call the shots and make their own sandwich. They have what they call BYOS – Build Your Own Sandwich. Kind of like Subway or Chipotle or Yogurtland, they provide the ingredients and then you concoct your own sandwich. Really good stuff with countless options.


So far SpreadPB seems to be killing it. They have been open for just a couple of weeks and locals in LA have been showing the bar mad love. Katie and SpreadPB are even starting to make TV appearances, which is super rad for her and the shop.

Beyond Katie’s love of peanut butter, she also has a love for soccer. She has played her entire life so the conversation naturally turned towards soccer. Here is a bit about Katie’s soccer days:

I’ve been playing soccer since I was 4 years old and eating peanut butter before soccer games since I was 4 years old. I was the pickiest child and refused to eat anything other than peanut butter and Starbucks Frappachinos. So my parents went with the healthier option and gave me peanut butter before everything soccer related. And for the 18 years I played soccer, I ate peanut butter before every single game. It was the only food that would give me the energy to run around for 90 minutes without feeling sick. Soccer wise, I was the only freshman to to make the varsity team and start every game. I made 1st team all league every year, and was team MVP and the leading goal scorer (and I got the most yellow cards hehe). I played in the premier/gold leagues for club soccer in Southern California, and was a 4 year starter in college. After college I played over in Europe in Spain, Italy, and France. So obviously the peanut butter worked :)

SpreadPB shows love to the game in the shop. A Galaxy flag adorns the wall and a championship ring is on display.



Talking to Katie it’s very clear that she has a very genuine love for both peanut butter and soccer. And she took this love, and her pre-match meal and has made an incredible business out of it. I love that in so many ways and for so many reasons.

For lunch, I took the advice of the experts and went with peanut butter, pickles and crushed potato chips. It may sound like a very odd combo, but it works in a really unique way.


Ray went with maple bacon peanut butter, potato chips and a banana. He said his was incredible as well.


You know what else goes really well with peanut butter? Yup, jelly.


Katie and her crew are definitely on to something. I’m going to make an educated guess that we will all be hearing much more from SpreadPB in the very near future. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, drop by and pick up a sandwich. If Katie is there, talk some soccer too.


12215 Ventura Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 91604
(818) 980-2472


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Sadiq El Fitouri Signs For Manchester United from Salford City

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~~ How INCREDIBLE is this story……


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Robert Huth Suspended Two Games Over Twitter

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Robert Huth

~~  Twitter man….. Not just talking to your friends in private.  Man, I wish sit in on the ‘Mandatory Education Course’….

via TheFA

Robert Huth will serve a two-match suspension with immediate effect after he admitted breaching FA Rules in relation to comments he made on social media.

The Stoke City defender was charged in relation to comments which were indecent and/or improper and/or brought the game into disrepute, contrary to FA Rule E3(1).

Further to this, it was considered an “Aggravated Breach” as defined in Rule E3(2), as it included a reference to gender and/or gender reassignment.

Huth was also fined £15,000 and ordered to complete a mandatory education course.

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Big Sean ft Kanye West and Drake – “Blessings”

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Big Sean’s latest track features both Kanye West and Drake. But the Detroit rapper goes hard on this and shines through. Let’s hope there is much more like this on Big Sean’s third album, Dark Sky Paradise, which drops February 24th.

Language NSFW

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Diego Costa Loses Appeal :: Suspended 3 Games

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Diego Costa Charge

~~  Love how Jose Mourinho & Co are pissed about this charge… Diego Costa knew EXACTLY what he was doing the moment he stepped on Emre Can on purpose…..  Chelsea is definitely not the victim.

via TheFA

Diego Costa will serve a three-match suspension with immediate effect after a charge of violent conduct against him was found proven by an Independent Regulatory Commission on Friday 30 January 2015.

The Chelsea forward had denied the charge in relation to an on-field incident involving Liverpool’s Emre Can which occurred in the 12th minute of the League Cup semi-final second leg at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday 27 January 2015.

The incident was not seen by the match officials but caught on video.

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Video :: David Beckham talks Retirement and being an NFL kicker

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Last night, David Beckham went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked over a few things that he’s up to and doing these days. One of those, he reveals just how he spends all of his time now that he’s retired, which is very reminiscent of any dad in his 40′s. Plus, David talks about the Super Bowl and reveals whether or not he ever had the chance to become an NFL kicker.

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Here is the full version of the commercial with Becks and Reggie Bush. Its called “Football meets Football.” I’d actually forgotten about this one.

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