Luis Figo To Challenge Sepp Blatter for FIFA Presidency

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I like this right here. I like this for a lot of reasons.

It seems like more and more people are willing to step up and challenge Sepp Blatter. That’s a good thing. At the very least, there should be options. Whether or not people end up voting for change, that is an entirely different story. But there should, at the very least, be some options on the FIFA ballot. On any ballot!

Luis Figo clearly cares about the sport. He seems like he genuinely wants to give back to the sport that has clearly given him so much. Just look at some of his quotes from this CNN interview:

“I care about football, so what I’m seeing regarding the image of FIFA — not only now but in the past years — I don’t like it.”

“If you search FIFA on the internet you see the first word that comes out: scandal — not positive words. It’s that we have to change first and try to improve the image of FIFA. Football deserves much better than this.”

-It sure does, Luis.

“I’ve been talking with so many important people in football — players, managers, president of federations — and they all think that something has to be done.

“Last year was the World Cup, I was in Brazil and I saw the reaction of all the fans regarding the image of FIFA and I think something has to be changed.

“Change in leadership, governance, transparency and solidarity, so I think it’s the moment for that.”

Figo has served on the UEFA Football Committee from 2011 to 2015 so he’s go that experience. I’m sure he would have the support of plenty of people in various capacities in the game. And he sounds like he really cares about the problems that are taking place and the way that FIFA is tarnishing the image of the sport around the world.

And then there was this from Figo about the whole Michael Garcia report and FIFA refusing to publish it:

“After that report was not published I think that was the moment of change and the moment I thought that something had to be done,” Figo explained.

“If you are transparent and if you ask for an investigation, a report, which you have nothing to hide, why don’t you make public that report? If you have nothing to hide about that, you have to do it.

“[Publishing the report] is the easy thing to do if all the people is doubting what happened. If it came from FIFA to order that report and after that you don’t publish, it is not a good decision.”

Beating out Sepp in the election might prove to be a monumental task. But I’m happy to see Figo and a few others putting their name on the ballot. It needs to be done. Seems like some change there is long overdue.

Check the full interview over at CNN.

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Clint Dempsey and Jurgen Klinsmann Preview US v Chile

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Clint Dempsey and Jurgen Klinsmann speak a bit ahead of the Chile v US match that will be taking place in a few hours. Clearly everyone with US Soccer is trying to get 2015 off to a successful start and they have a very formidable opponent in Chile. This should be a pretty good test for the US, especially playing Chile away.

I’m just happy to see the US back on the field.

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Brian Straus – 1 on 1 With Don Garber

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Dunny and I bumped into Brian Straus from SI the night before he was to do this one on one interview with Don Garber. He was preparing to ask the Don some pretty serious questions regarding a number of issues with the league. Here is that interview he was prepping for.

Good stuff as always from B. Straus.

And head over to Sports Illustrated for a really good read on the CBA and the challenge of getting that sorted out.

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Indy Eleven Stadium Rendering Video

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There is something special going on in Indianapolis right now. Indy Eleven is happening and they are doing things in a very impressive manner. They averaged more than 10k for their home games last year and have more than 7k in season ticket holders. Impressive numbers for sure. But more than just numbers, there seems to be a very legit movement going on there in regards to soccer. Peter Wilt and co. have come in and done a remarkable job of growing the sport and Indy Eleven in a short period of time.

Now we get to see this video of what their proposed $82 million stadium might look like. And it looks really, really rad.

Indy Eleven has their work cut out for them with this proposed stadium as they have to get it approved. That’s never an easy task. But they have momentum and they have a sport and a fanbase that is growing.

It’s incredible to see more soccer specific stadiums being proposed and hopefully built, and not just for MLS teams. It’s also pretty remarkable to see what these soccer stadiums are looking like. It wasn’t that long ago (relatively speaking) that Columbus built the first modern soccer specific stadium here in the US. These stadiums just keep getting more and more impressive and more and more of them seem to be on the horizon. Exciting times for sure.

Props to Indy Eleven and best of luck on getting your stadium done.

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Peter Schmeichel – The Great Dane

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I was having a conversation last night about Peter Schmeichel. So I ended up searching for videos of him. This is the first one that popped up and it reminded me of just how good this dude was. An absolute beast of a goalkeeper. When we were kids, we had a teammate named Zoli who was from Hungary and who was our goalie. Whenever we would take shots on him pre or post practice, he would do what so many kids do and imagine that they are, their sporting hero. His was Peter Schmeichel.

So tis got me thinking about the greatest goalkeepers of all time. We are always hearing about the greatest players, but we don’t hear the same focus put on goalkeepers nearly as much. So I started searching for that too. I found that Bleacher Report did a list in 2013 of the best goalkeepers of all time. They put Schmeichel at number three. They also put Iker Casillas at number one.

Then I saw another poll that rated the best current goalkeepers in the world. This one was done by the Telegraph. Well, actually it was done by fans who voted. It had David de Gea as the best followed by Manuel Neuer. David de Gea had almost twice as many votes as Neuer. Interesting.

Anyway. The main point of this post was to enjoy the greatness that was Peter Schmeichel. Enjoy.

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The Original Winger EATS :: Ink. Restaurant Los Angeles, CA

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Ink valet

Ok. I have a lot of ‘splainin to do here. First, this is something a little different here. We are serious about this culture and lifestyle thing and if you check out the various BP_TOW grams, you can see that we get a chance to get around and find some really good restaurants in America, so I wanted to bring some of that here. Usually, when we are all together, we do regular food, for a couple of different reasons. For me personally, regular food is just better.

There was a moment in my life, where I would have been what is commonly known as a foodie. But, about two years ago, I decided that being a foodie was absolutely ridiculous and I started a personal anti-foodie movement. I was no longer going to go out to eat with my foodie friends to a foodie restaurant and then spend, collectively, the equivalent of a rent payment on dinner.

Ink. has changed all that.

I don’t think we’ll be doing food reviews, because thats lame af. With TOW Eats it will just be sharing pics and letting you know what we had and if we liked the place or not. You won’t be hearing foodie catch words or anything like that. But, you will be seeing some good food. Ink awoke a sleeping giant.

There was a friend in town from Miami, so I got the beacon to do something last weekend. That, turned in to brunch – brunch turned in to day drinking – day drinking turned into dinner – dinner was at Ink. Here is what we had:

Beets, onion custard, hibiscus-ancho, smoked olive oil

Ink 01

Japanese Scallop, soy cured papaya, fermented chili, basil

Ink 02

Lamb Belly, braised lettuce, mushroom hay, yogurt curds

Ink 03

Octopus, ink. shells, young fennel, pimenton

Ink 04

pork Shoulder, lardo, banana grits, smoked chicharrones

Ink 05

Corn, housemade ranch “foritos”, nori, green onion

Ink 06

Salt and Charcoal Potato, housemade sour cream, black vinegar – aka the best ting on the menu

Ink 07

Potato Polenta, bone marrow, sour cream & chive

Ink 08

Chilean Sea Bass, cabbage, black garlic, chicken skin, bonito-chicken broth

Ink 09

This was dessert, I didn’t get in on it, but its cake and ice cream. Boss.

Ink 10

Now, these two things here are awesome. One is a pepper mill, and one is some sort of perfume dispenser thingy filled with vinegar that was used to garnish the salt and charcoal pots up above. Brilliant.

Ink spray and pep

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Juan Román Riquelme Retires At 36

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~~  One of the best….. Never got the respect he truly deserved.  Was hoping we would have seen him in MLS at point point…..  Saw a quote today that said he ‘was an Artist among Athletes….’  Couldn’t agree more.

“I have decided to no longer play football,” he said. “Now I am just a fan. I will go and suffer in the stadium. I am very pleased with the career I had.

“I enjoyed football to the maximum. I hope the people have enjoyed it alongside me. I tried to have a good time. I tried to give everything I could to fans of Boca, Argentina, Villarreal and Barcelona, in the youth teams and the full team.

“I am someone who makes decisions calmly, who thinks a lot. It’s clear now that I’ll be on holiday, I’ll have fun, enjoy time with my children. From now on my football life ends and a new life starts. Let’s see what it holds.”

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Lucas Silva Signs w/ Real Madrid Through 2020

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~~  VERY interested in seeing how they utilize Lucas Silva and what role he plays considering he’s supposed* to be the Xavi Alonso replacement……

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