Thierry Henry AND Red Bull Leaving New York City?

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New York Red Bull may be on the cusp of losing both Thierry Henry and their team owner/sponsers Red Bull according to a Sports Illustrated report from Grant Wahl:

While Marc de Grandpre, the club’s head of commercial operations, says the team is not for sale, one source says that if a buyer approached Red Bull and offered $300 million for the Red Bulls and their stadium, the deal would get done within 48 hours.

With reporting like from someone as reputable as Grant Wahl, one could infer that the higher ups are just waiting on someone to come to town and bring their checkbook. We know how long it takes for MLS deals to get done, so getting the word out that there is a FOR SALE sign on Red Bulls and we can get this thing sorted over the weekend if your FICO score checks out, basically tells you that Thierry’s days for Red Bulls are numbered as well.

Or so you would think.

An owner trying to sell, would never sign a guy to a big money deal which TH is certain to get if he plays MLS next season, because you don’t want to hamstring a new owner with bills that they might not agree to BUT you can also say that one would never get rid of a marquee player like TH because you would want to package the team you are selling with one of its better assets, Thierry Henry, a bankable star and box office dude.

This story is really interesting to me. With NYC FC coming, with what is happening to Chivas USA here in SoCal and with Orlando and Atlanta and so forth, the MLS is the place where you want to be. I think that this is wonderful.

Obviously we’re on the outside looking in and unfortunately there are team legacies and peoples jobs on the line and things like that, but I look at it like one of those volatile times in the stock market… there are going to be some losers, but there are also going to be some really big winners when the dust settles.

This obviously is all speculation and hearsay, but if true, do you think buying up New York, basically, for 300 mil is a good investment?

Go over to the Grant Wahl section of SI and check out the full story, its good.

‘Zero chance’ Henry returns to Red Bulls; Club’s owners losing interest – Sports Illustrated

* By the way, personal opinion, Red Bull trying to get out is more of a reflection on the business of energy drinks and not the business of MLS. Think of the last time you had a red bull??? You had to think about that, right? Now, think of if I would have asked you that question 4 years ago… businesses change.

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Watch :: POTUS Obama Welcome the 2013 MLS Cup Champions Sporting KC to the White House

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Earlier today, October 1, 2014, President Barack Obama delivered remarks in honor of the Sporting KC, the MLS Cup Champions of 2013.

* Fun fact, this is the 6th MLS team to be honored by Obama since he has been in the White House. Thats a visit from every MLS champion since he’s been in office. That may not sound like a big deal, because most championship teams get to visit the White House, or so you may think…..

The first MLS Cup Champion to visit the White House was the 1997 DC United side. After that, the next Champion of MLS to visit the WH wasn’t until the Houston Dynamo went in 2006!

So, it may seem like old hat for Obama to welcome MLS Champions to the White House, but this is something that not any other president gave a whole lot of love to.

Here is the Sporting video recap of the visit with player interviews.

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sporting kc at the white house

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New Music Alert :: “TROPHY” from Jaden Smith

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This song is reportedly set to be on Jaden’s upcoming mixtape, Cool Tape Vol. 2. This song is fire.

* I firmly believe that Jaden and Wilough Smith are going to be the biggest stars of this ridiculous generation here that we are seeing on the internets.

Jaden Smith, Wilough, that Conor Cruise kid and one or two more that I am missing are going to do things that we can’t even imagine right now.

The Kardashian / Jenner thing that has dominated our lives for the past few years is on its last legs (until North West is a teenager that is) in my humble. I think the new wave, are actually going to be talented kids, or will at least have an actual marketable talent beyond looking how they look or being famous for being famous.

I think they are concious kids and I think they want to create and make a difference. In all seriousness, I think that Jaden and Wilough are going to change your / our lives in some way, we just don’t know how its going to be yet.

That being said, the Smiths and the Cruise kids better make hay while the sun is shining because following right behind them, will be the Chris Martin and Gwyneth kids and the Knowles-Carter kids and the Kardashian-West’s and the Beiber-Gomez kid or the Fenty-Brown or Fenty-Graham (Rihanna Fenty) kid that you know is going to happen.

I’m rambling right now, but seriously, I just hope I am still alive when Jaden Smith becomes president.

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Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid – Wolf Grey / Tropical Teal

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Jordan Grey0

~~  Looks like I’m getting myself a new pair #SuitKicks

A good look at the Wolf Grey / Tropical Teal color way drop in the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid, spotted and available over at Premier.

Jordan Grey

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Trailer :: Exodus – Gods and Kings starring Christian Bale

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~~  Second trailer dropping for Exodus and this time around it shows a little more depth to the fight between good and evil as Christian Bale drops the hammer….. Some good stuff.

An account of Moses’ hand in leading the Israelite slaves out of Egypt.

Release :: December 12th

Trailer - Exodus

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Watch :: John Oliver Explain English Soccer to David Letterman

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“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver explains the class system of English soccer to Dave.

Theoretically, if we live in a world where life was fair, and there were consequences to sports failure…..

* You gotta love this guy John Oliver. His takes are legendary and the dude is ridiculously funny. I loved the banter between him and David on last nights show. I’ll be honest, I’ve never watched his show on HBO, but I’ve seen every one of his viral rants on the youtube and whomever his writers are, he has some of the best perspectives out there.

( H/t to Brian Zygo )

ICYMI, his 13 minute FIFA rant is the stuff of legend.

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Nike SB Eric Koston 2 Max – Volt / Dirty Cactus

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Nike Koston2

~~ Loving not just the blending of color ways, but the ongoing collaboration between the athleticism of the athletes and skateboarding itself….

A good look at the Volt/ Dusty Cactus color way drop in the Nike SB Eric Koston 2 Max, spotted and available over at Premier.

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Jon Yarbrough :: From One Foosball Table to BILLIONAIRE

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yarbrough forbes

This story is nothing short of incredible. From time to time, here on TOW, we post something from the latest forbes rich persons list – we’ve done DJ’s, Hip Hop dudes, team owners, but this is a great story. This guy, a newcomer to this years Forbes 400 aka, the 400 richest people in the United States, there is a cat called Jon Yarbrough whose story is something anyone reading here on TOW can relate too.

Apparently, his wealth all started with one foosball table when he was in college:

Before becoming a video game entrepreneur, Yarbrough was a college student trying to earn an engineering degree at Tennessee Tech. “I started playing a lot of foosball, in tournaments,” Yarbrough recalls, “and then I got an internship at NASA, working on the Viking probes.” Upon his return from his internship in California, with a new foosball table he bought to keep practicing, the entrepreneurial spirit kicked in.

“When I came back from California, I wasn’t thinking about starting a business,” he tells Forbes. Rather, with limited room where he was living, he needed a place to store the foosball table. A local saloon owner agreed to keep it for him as long as they split the quarters. “After the first week, I took out the cash box and found $200; I had paid $500 for the table,” recalls Yarbrough, “So I bought more foosball tables, took out school loans, and eventually got into video games. I purchased Space Invaders….”

This is one of the best “how-I-got-rich” stories I’ve ever read.

Now, obviously, the guy is probably brilliant (hello, NASA) and an extremely shrewd businessman, because you don’t get to being a billi without having the chops, but its great that his story started out so innocently.

And with a game that from time to time all of us has played and played a lot.

I’m going to go out on a limb and just automatically make him a member of BPFC LA, the Bumpy Pitch Foosball Club Los Angeles….

If you are reading this Mr. Yarbrough, let us know what size shirt you wear, we might have to do a fresh run and send you a few of our BP Foosball Club shirts. Lettuceknow.

There is a lot more to his story, make sure you check it out at

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