Video :: Lee Nguyen Free Kick Against Colorado

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Lee Nguyen gets everything right with this free kick. You won’t see a free kick any better than this. Well done, sir. Well done.

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Romelu Lukaku Set To Sign With Everton

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In news that should thrill Everton fans and break the heart of ISPS, it looks like Romelu Lukaku will be signing a five year deal with Everton. This coming after a very successful first season under Roberto Martinez and the long term signing of Ross Barkley has Everton looking to build in a big way. I’ve never fully understood why Lukaku kept getting loaned out. But then again, I’m not a manager in the Premier League, so what do I really know anyway.

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Nike and Manchester United Unveil Third Kit

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Nike and Manchester United have unveiled the third kit for the 2014-15 season. Featuring entirely in two tones of blue, the kit is inspired by United’s tradition of blue kits from the 1980s, as well as uniform worn when they became the first English side to win the European Cup in 1968.

The shirt, shorts and socks are all a rich and vibrant blue on the front with a darker tone of the same color on the entire back. These two tones are divided by a red stripe on both sides of the kit representing United’s famous home color.

These stripes stretch from the collar, along both shoulders, down each side of the shirt, shorts and right down to the socks.

The half-and-half appearance is a traditional football design, but this is the first season it has ever been used on the front and back.

The shirt boasts a classic design with a sophisticated polo neck collar and three buttons in the darker tone of blue.

Inside the back of the neck is a label with the message, “Youth, Courage, Greatness” to represent the club’s values.

I don’t know how much this third kit will get worn this season, but it’s a very good looking jersey. I’m a fan of the polo collar, so I might be a little bit biased there, but this is a sharp looking jersey.The Chevy logo is prominent once again, and quickly grabs your attention, which I don’t love. I’m sure the Chevy folks are happy with that.

This jersey will be available starting September 25th.


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Soccer in America – A Photographic Journey

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California Memorial Stadium
Berkeley, CA
July 2014


To submit your photos to be included in this series, email them to dunny at bumpypitch dot com.

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Daniel Sturridge v Jordon Ibe In Liverpool FC Hip Hop Quiz

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So apparently Daniel Sturridge and Jordon Ibe are hip hop heads. Each no doubt claiming that they know more about hip hop than each other. That’s how these things work. Whenever a claim is made that someone knows more about something than someone else, there should be some sort of test involved to find out who in fact, does know more.

So that is what is going on here with Daniel Sturridge and Jordon Ibe. Both self proclaimed as very knowledgeable about hip hop, so they end up squaring off in a hip hop quiz. Oh, and there may be some Drake renditions in here.


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Atletico Madrid Confirms Signing On Antoine Griezmann – Six Year Deal

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~~  Solid pick up and long term deal finalized….

via ClubAtleticoMadrid

Antoine Griezmann (Macon, France, 1991) passed the medical examination yesterday and this afternoon signed a contract, in the Vicente Calderón, for six seasons with our Club.

The 23-year-old French international, came to Real Sociedad at the age of 13 and has gone through all its training categories up to the first team. Griezmann has demonstrated his versatility by playing as a forward, a midfielder, and even as a fullback. Last season, he scored 20 goals in 50 games with the Basque team.

Last February, he made his debut with the French National Team and this summer he’s played the Brazil World Cup with them.

José Luis Pérez Caminero was “very happy to settle the agreement for his arrival. Antoine was a priority for us and fortunately, we’ve made it happen. He’s one of our League’s most important players as demonstrated in Real Sociedad. He easily manages both on the sidelines and the midfield thanks to his speed, he scores, has a great shot and does great assists. His arrival is great news for our Club“.

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Ross Barkley Re-Ups On New Four Year Deal With Everton

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~~  Reports trickling in that Barkley is making £65,000-a-week through 2018…..  Not bad for only being 20 years old.

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Liverpool Confirms Signing Of Divock Origi

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~~  Interesting that this announcement comes just two days after the transfer breakdown of Loic Remy…..

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