Watch :: Gareth Bale’s incredible COPA del REY goal against Barcelona

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I’m sure you have all seen this video by now, but we are going to throw it up anyways…..

…because this is just one of those sequences that you have to watch. Over. And over. And over. And over. The finish is excellent, but that isn’t my favorite part of the video…. my favorite part of this highlight happens in the pic below. What do you do, in that moment, when you know that you are not going to make up the ground and there is nothing but daylight and green between Gareth Bale and the goal, and oh-by-the-way you two are side by side and you actually have a little bit of a lead on him, but there is no way that you are getting to the ball first.

Goodness gracious he turns on the jets.

bale goal v barcelona

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“SOCCER” in Different Languages on Instagram

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soccer translations ig

Honestly, I don’t even know why I thought about doing this. I happened to be on the internets earlier and needed to translate a word… and then I said to myself, “What would the translations for soccer be in other languages (according to and then I entered all of those into IG to see what was being hash tagged all over the world.

Interesting exercise and it proved one thing to me… there are just as many selfies happening EVERYWHERE in the world as their are her stateside. And everyone loves IG. Check out some of the pics after the jump, and then go ahead and check out some of these hashtags on ig, its pretty cool.

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Soccer In America – A Photographic Journey

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diego soccer training

“Soccer training.”

This pic of a lil og winger Diego, out of Dallas, TX.

His father Jose shot us this pic over at our google+ page. We had to get it up on the main site!

To submit your photos for inclusion in this Soccer In America – A Photographic Journey series, email them to dunny [at] bumpy pitch [dot] com.

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Janice Llamoca with “Top Hip Hop Headlines” for HHDX in Robbie Rogers BEYOND IT Tee

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janice HHDX for RR

In today’s DX Daily, the Hip Hop albums sales are in, Jay Z brings his music festival to L.A., and DX shares a list of little known facts about Nas’ “Illmatic.”

The Jay Z “Made in America” festival will be in DTLA this year….

* Nice shirt! That’s our homegirl Janice Llamoca (@JaniceLlamoca) doing really big things with Hip Hop DX sporting the Robbie Rogers shirt.

Video after the jump…..

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3D Facial Mapping w/ EA Sports & The Vancouver Whitecaps

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3D facial mapping with @easportsfifa and @whitecapsfc. Very cool way to spend the afternoon. The technology to do this is impressive and inspiring.

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Atlanta Awarded MLS Expansion Team – Starting 2017

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Welcome #MLSAtlanta to Major League Soccer @mls :: Incredible to see how far OUR league has come since 1996!


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Nike FC Takes Over 6th & Mill

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Nike just dropped their Nike FC initiative this week and to coincide with that, they have taken over 6th & Mill in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the sport, the collection and the culture. By taking over 6th & Mill, which is a Nike SB skate warehouse, they are blending cultures and encouraging people to play the sport anytime and anywhere.

On Monday night Nike kicked off a week of events that are taking place at 6th & Mill with an intro to things hosted by none other than our good friend Max Bretos.


Our boy Alexi joined Max on stage to talk about a slew of topics around the sport, but many focused on the culture of the sport and how that culture is in a very different place here in the US than it was a few years ago. In addition to Alexi, Nike sponsored skater, Sean Malto, jumped in on the conversation as it touched not only on both cultures, but some of the things that both sports have in common. Both obviously are driven by the athletes feet and lower body and so from a performance stand point there are some similarities. But there are also plenty that can be found if you look a little deeper.

Both sports came out of sub cultures within the United States. Skating certainly had it’s own sub-culture and in the early years it was often looked down upon by the big sports and folks outside that world. Soccer in America has long faced that same sort of scrutiny from those outside of our sport, but our sub-culture and those who are in it have made the sport what it is today. Just like the skate community did for their sport.

Anyway, all this week Nike will be celebrating soccer and skating at 6th & Mill. There are pickup games going on, open skate sessions. Music, food, good people. There is plenty of fresh gear on hand. I actually picked up a pair of these on Monday night.


This Thursday the week will commence with a 4 v 4 tournament that we have the opportunity to take part in. There are some other great brands and people that will be participating as well. The sport and the culture will be shining this week so if you are in the downtown area make sure and stop by 6th & Mill.

Here’s a little bit of action that was taking place on the “pitch” on Monday night.


Get your picture taken in the trophy room and share it socially with friends.



6th & Mill
1337 E 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Photo of Max, Alexi and Sean via Axis Photography.

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Footie Facts

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In 2012, the Montreal Impact became the league’s 19th franchise and the third located in Canada, and made their home debut in front of a crowd of 58,912.

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