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April 1st, 2014

THE OSA World Juggle-a-thon IS BACK!!

Last year we covered the Online Soccer Academy pretty extensively, and we were delighted to get the info from Jared Montz of Online Soccer Academy telling us that he is off to another great start this year with the juggle-a-thon. If you are familiar, here is a little bit about it. Read below, check out the video, then start clicking on links to get ...
March 29th, 2014

DC Washington sings National Anthem in Washington DC for DC United Game

This was random. I was watching the DCU v. Chicago Fire game on NBC Sports Network on mute and thought someone had messed up on the graphics package. I saw DC Washington, then rewound it (I keep the tv on mute during most sporting events) and found out that this cats name was actually DC Washington. I was curious. I conducted a TOW investigation ...
March 28th, 2014

A Camp Nou “LOVE STORY” and Proposal

A young Chinese couple who met at a Barcelona supporters club, won a contest to visit Barcelona and have the Camp Nou Experience... turns out, the dude had a little surprise for his missus. Check out the video after the jump...... (more…)
March 5th, 2014

Watch :: Young Pitch invader during Brazil v. South Africa Friendly

Neymar inspired Brazil thrashed South Africa 5-0, with the Barcelona forward netting his second international hat-trick - but that is not the story of this friendly. The story is this little dude who made his way on the field and before security scooped him up, Neymar stopped them, picked the kid up and brought him over to meet the Brazilian ...
February 22nd, 2014

Watch :: Damien Walters Run a Loop the Loop for Pepsi Max

Could one man run a loop the loop? Let Pepsi introduce Damien Walters, a free running stuntman who challenges himself physically every day by back flipping over buildings, jumping over cars and achieving gymnastic triumphs-- but never before like this. Damien has accepted the Pepsi Max challenge of running loop the loop on foot. * No one has ...
February 16th, 2014

Kickstarter :: Nicholas Pugliese and “KINGS of the NEW CITY” Documentary

KINGS OF THE NEW CITY is a documentary firm about four Afghans and one American who meet everyday in Kabul, Afghanistan's New City Park to play pick-up soccer. You may have seen the story on SPORTSCENTER a couple of days ago, if you haven't and excerpt is below. After seeing the piece it got me pretty fired up to find out more about these guys and ...
February 13th, 2014

Watch :: “Genius of Video Making”

This is what the internets and youtube do best.... A buddy of mine posted this video to the Facebook and I watched the whole thing, you probably watched the whole thing, and this kid will get a job as a graphic artist somewhere and make crazy jack and end up editing some Hollywood movie. I should have paid more attention to Final Cut. This dude ...
February 9th, 2014

Watch :: Roberto Martinez and Everton FC Light up ‘Prince Rupert’s Castle’ – Everton Lock-Up

Roberto Martinez joins mayor Joe Anderson to turn the famous tower in Everton Park Blue. "I get a lot of inspiration from that old tower because it is at the heart of our club badge." - Club chairman Bill Kenwright The tower, known locally as Prince Rupert's Castle, originally built to imprison anyone disturbing the peace in the village, was ...