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January 26th, 2015

The Original Winger EATS :: Ink. Restaurant Los Angeles, CA

Ok. I have a lot of 'splainin to do here. First, this is something a little different here. We are serious about this culture and lifestyle thing and if you check out the various BP_TOW grams, you can see that we get a chance to get around and find some really good restaurants in America, so I wanted to bring some of that here. Usually, when we are all ...
January 26th, 2015

Juan Román Riquelme Retires At 36

~~  One of the best..... Never got the respect he truly deserved.  Was hoping we would have seen him in MLS at point point.....  Saw a quote today that said he 'was an Artist among Athletes....'  Couldn't agree more. “I have decided to no longer play football,” he said. “Now I am just a fan. I will go and suffer in the stadium. I am ...
January 25th, 2015

Trailer :: Anarchy starring Ethan Hawke & Dakota Johnson

Academy Award nominees Ethan Hawke and Ed Harris lead a powerhouse cast including Milla Jovovich, John Leguizamo, Penn Badgley, Dakota Johnson and Anton Yelchin, with Bill Pullman and Delroy Lindo in a gritty story of a take-no-prisoners war between dirty cops and an outlaw biker gang. Now, a drug kingpin (Harris) is driven to desperate measures in ...
January 24th, 2015

Nike Trainer 3 :: Perfection

~~ A whole lot of something going on with these Nike Trainer 3's..... A good look at the Jade / Stone / Medium Olive color way drop in the Nike Trainer 3 :: Perfection, spotted and available over at CaliRoots.
January 24th, 2015

“SOCCER” and “ARSENAL” Among the most popular passwords of 2014

[h/t WSJ] Apparently, "123456" is the most popular password of 2014. I'm just going to skip over that.... but among the list, we have some entries related to sports and soccer makes the cut. The word SOCCER itself is ranked 42nd, and interesting to me ARSENAL cracks the list. A site called SplashData, compiled more than 3.3 million leaked ...
January 24th, 2015

Watch :: Kobe Bryant Diagnosis with Torn Rotator Cuff + Some thoughts on Injuries, Athletes, Surgery

Watch the Kobe video at The Players Tribune - Usually, I'm a hater if content is made unavailable for other websites to post and link back to, but I will make an exception here because its something a little different. They still get the hits and video plays and they can use those numbers for advertising, but I digress. Anyways. I'm posting this for ...
January 24th, 2015

Watch :: Conradinho tries to get drafted : Goes to NSCAA Convention

Jimmy "Conradinho" Conrad never got drafted out of college. So he's heading to the MLS SuperDraft to try and knock that off his bucket list. - KICKtv More great stuff from KickTV and Jimmy. Hey, who are these guys? For that book you saw, get a preview here at Amazon: Coaching People in Sports Paperback – March 3, 2015, by Lee ...
January 23rd, 2015

Nike Air Max 90 Essential :: Lightbone

~~  Loving all of the colors used on these Nike Air Max 90's... So. Clean. A good look at the Lightbone color way drop in the Nike Air Max 90 Essential, spotted and available over at CaliRoots.