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October 4th, 2014

Bayern Munich Striker Robert Lewandowski takes selfie with supporters after scoring

Wczytywanie @fcbayern - H96 4:0! #selfie #bundesliga #allianzarena #friends #onthepitch #rl9 Zobacz w Instagramie@-webkit-keyframes"dkaXkpbBxI"{ 0%{opacity:0.5;} 50%{opacity:1;} 100%{opacity:0.5;} } @keyframes"dkaXkpbBxI"{ 0%{opacity:0.5;} 50%{opacity:1;} 100%{opacity:0.5;} } That picture there is from his IG account, so you know its real.... I am ...
October 3rd, 2014

Handcrafted in Los Angeles : Landon Donovan

LA Galaxy midfielder Landon Donovan explains how he was hand crafted in Los Angeles. * You know how we feel about Los Angeles around here and you know how we feel about LD. In our minds (mine for sure), Los Angeles (and surrounding area) is the greatest place on earth. I wouldn't trade being from here and living here for anything or any place in ...
October 2nd, 2014

Video :: Sydney Leroux explains her “You Believed In Me First” Tattoo

Its always good to get to know more about US Women's National Team star Sydney Leroux. If you follow her on IG or twitter, you know that she has a great relationship with ma dukes. If you know about Sydney, you also know the tough choice that she had to make in choosing the US team over playing for her native senior national team in Canadia. In ...
October 2nd, 2014

Trailer Alert :: “American Sniper” starring Bradley Cooper dir. Clint Eastwood

American Sniper is an upcoming American biographical action film directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Jason Dean Hall. It is based on Chris Kyle's autobiography American Sniper - U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) is sent to Iraq on a mission to protect his brothers-in-arms. The film stars Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Luke ...
October 2nd, 2014

Mixtape Alert :: “STN MTN / Kauai” from Childish Gambino + Download Link

image Going to be totally honest here.... I've been pretty ride or die for Gambino over the last couple of years, but he was starting to jump the shark for me. The music he first hit us with, was craaaaazy. I rocked with his mixtapes, I bought CAMP and BTI as soon as they dropped, but for some reason, I can't pinpoint it, dude kind of started ...
October 2nd, 2014

Video :: Graffiti Artists Takeover NYC Subway Car

~~ Words.... Images....  Thought provoking.
October 2nd, 2014

Trailer :: The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch & Keira Knightley

Based on the real life story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing, the film portrays the nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers at Britain's top-secret Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, during the darkest days of World War II. Release :: November 21st
October 1st, 2014

Thierry Henry AND Red Bull Leaving New York City?

image New York Red Bull may be on the cusp of losing both Thierry Henry and their team owner/sponsers Red Bull according to a Sports Illustrated report from Grant Wahl: While Marc de Grandpre, the club’s head of commercial operations, says the team is not for sale, one source says that if a buyer approached Red Bull and offered $300 million for ...