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October 8th, 2014

England Goalkeepers Doing Reaction Training

I feel like goalkeepers don't always get the shine they deserve. The work they put in is incredible. They are not always called upon, but when they are, we expect them to come through. Their training is ridiculously intense. And this video showcases just a little bit of that. I'm exhausted just watching. Shouts to all the goalkeepers out there!
October 5th, 2014

Arsene Wenger Shoves José Mourinho

So this happened in the first half, right aftrer a pretty hard foul on Alexis Sanchez by Gary Cahill resulting in a yellow card that could have easily been red. These two came pretty close and Arsene let out some long awaited frustration on his managerial adversary. I, may be biased, but I think this sort of thing is the result of the genius of a ...
October 3rd, 2014

Daniel Sturridge re-ups with Liverpool – 5 years / up to £150,000-a-week

We did it!! Proud to announce I've signed a new long term contract with Liverpool football club. I'm buzzing. All the hard work has paid off but continues because there is nothing I want more than to life trophies and be successful with this club. Grateful to God for this opportunity. I want to thank the fans, players and the coaching staff. My family ...
October 2nd, 2014

Michel Platini :: ‘I Support The Publishing Of The Garcia Report’

~~  Was wondering when / if UEFA President Michel Platini was going to make his opinion public.....  Big, big statement coming from Platini... And one the adds necessary fuel to the fire to see this report published publicly.... As it should have been in the first place. via Guardian The Uefa president said in a statement: “As long as the ...
October 1st, 2014

Watch :: John Oliver Explain English Soccer to David Letterman

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver explains the class system of English soccer to Dave. Theoretically, if we live in a world where life was fair, and there were consequences to sports failure..... * You gotta love this guy John Oliver. His takes are legendary and the dude is ridiculously funny. I loved the banter between him and David on ...
September 24th, 2014

Men In Blazers :: Adam Richman

NEW POD: MiB talk a Mad World #PremierLeague weekend and upcoming derbies. @SpursOfficial fan @AdamRichman guests: — Men in Blazers (@MenInBlazers) September 24, 2014 ~~ So. So. Good.
September 24th, 2014

Joey Barton Tweet On Mario Balotelli – Biggest Myth In World Football

Balotelli? He is the biggest myth in World football the fella. Fair play to him he's had everyones trolleys down... — Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) September 23, 2014 ~~ Whoa.  He has to know that whenever he press 'Tweet' that every single press outlet in England is going to jump all over it.... Right? Joey Barton never lets us down.
September 23rd, 2014

Three Nutmegs in Ten Seconds

I really appreciate a good nutmeg. If you have ever played soccer with me, you will know that at least once a game I'm trying to meg somebody. Always have. Always will. Kind of my own challenge to myself whenever I play. It's kind of my thing. So seeing this video of three nutmegs taking place in ten seconds makes me very happy. And this isn't ...