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October 30th, 2014

New Music Alert :: “The Season” Nas prod. by J. Dilla

Today, this song released. It is words by Nas and a beat by J. Dilla - and thats all you need to know.
October 18th, 2014

The World’s FIRST “Black PROFESSIONAL Footballer” Arthur Wharton gets a statue

A statue honoring Arthur Wharton has been unveiled at St. George’s Park. The 16-foot permanent memorial will recognize the pioneering achievements of Wharton, the world’s first black professional footballer. The statue, by acclaimed sculptor Vivien Mallock, stands in the centre of the St. George's Cross in the memorial garden at the entrance ...
October 16th, 2014

Must Watch :: “The Finish Line: Landon Donovan” Episode 1

In the first episode of the Grantland Features series chronicling the twilight of Landon Donovan’s career, we follow the American legend during his farewell game as a member of the U.S. national team while he discusses the most memorable moments playing for his country. "Leading up to the World Cup, there was a tiny piece of me that had some ...
September 15th, 2014

adidas Launches Messi’s Champions League Cleat

I was having a conversation with my pops today about programming and sports. Sports used to have a whole lot less coverage on TV and therefore they were more programmed. But these days with TV deals and so many channels and hours of programming to fill, there are sports and games on all the time. In time slots that aren't traditional. It's a sign of ...
September 7th, 2014

“Derek Jeter Day” Retirement Ceremony : Random Soccer in Random Places #NASA

200 miles above Earth, NASA astronauts Steve Swanson, Reid Weisman and Alex Gurst tip their hat to Derek Jeter on Derek Jeter Day * This actually isn't so random, because we've seen the German international astronaut rocking that Germany kit on the pages of TOW before... but now I'm starting to think: Does he ever take that thing off? Or, is it one ...
August 30th, 2014

Gumby Haircut :: Bobby Brown v. Samuel Eto’o …. Who ya got?

I love everything about this post. Samuel Eto'o has never been one to shy away from expressing himself with an interesting haircut, and this isn't the first time that he's rocked the Gumby. Although Sam has had some questionably choiced hairstyles, one has to admit that there is always a nod to history with what he is doing. This one, is no different. ...
August 29th, 2014

Video :: Trailer for Believe

We've been talking about the upcoming US release of a film called Believe. And we will continue to do so to get the message out about it. It's a movie about soccer. And it's playing in theaters around the country as of September 12th. It's not often that soccer movies make it to the big screen in American cinemas, and we want to support that. Because ...
August 26th, 2014

Inspired By – Paddy Crerand and Sir Matt Busby

As athletes, we all have that one coach who played a very pivotal role in our life. The coach that taught us about the sport, but that also taught us about life. We're talking to a number of players about the coaches that played a pivotal role in their lives. We're exploring those relationships ahead of the US release of the film Believe. In the ...