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September 26th, 2014

Pa Modou Kah & Eva Bolls

Sometimes sports provides opportunities and moments that go well above and beyond the sport itself. One of these moments happened recently after the Portland Timbers v Vancouver Whitecaps game. And then, something unique happened. As the players made their way around the pitch, Timbers center back Pa Modou Kah noticed Eva and the Bolls family near ...
September 24th, 2014

Men In Blazers :: Adam Richman

NEW POD: MiB talk a Mad World #PremierLeague weekend and upcoming derbies. @SpursOfficial fan @AdamRichman guests: — Men in Blazers (@MenInBlazers) September 24, 2014 ~~ So. So. Good.
September 23rd, 2014

The MLS Announces MLS Cup Playoffs and FINAL Dates

Today, Major League Soccer announced the dates for the 2014 MLS Cup Playoffs, presented by AT&T. The playoffs will kick off on October 29 and for the second consecutive year, the MLS Cup Final will take place on December 7. For the full schedule including the conference semifinals and conference championships dates, go to for more ...
September 23rd, 2014

Video :: DJ SKEE Reviews EA Sports FIFA 15

~~  ISPS, Beans and I have been saying this for years.... EA Sports FIFA is one of THE most important bridge builders in the game, bringing the game of soccer brand awareness and celebrity together year after year.  And this video speaks to just a fraction of what the future is and can be. Doesn't mater what your background is, if you do play or ...
September 23rd, 2014

Video :: Clint Dempsey Asks People About Clint Dempsey

~~ You've gotta give #Duece a ton of credit here.... That awkward response from dude about Landon Donovan being the Captain......  Could've been worse I guess. U.S. Soccer captain and Seattle Sounders star Clint Dempsey goes around New York and asks people about... Clint Dempsey.
September 20th, 2014

Soccer In America – A Photographic Journey

#ViewFromTheTruck :: @realsaltlake vs @coloradorapids tonight on @nbcsn alongside #TheLegendJP ~~ TheOriginalWinger on Instagram To be a part of our Soccer In America – A Photographic Journey, send your photos to
September 20th, 2014

Video :: KickTV at the MLS Rebrand x FIFA 15 Launch Party

MLS partnered with EA Sports to unveil its new brand identity within FIFA 15. Meet the people who made it happen, hear the story, and check out the FIFA 15 Launch Party in NYC. * The bartenders with the hipster mustaches, DEFinitely my favorite part of this video.
September 18th, 2014

Major League Soccer Has a New Crest and a Bright Future Ahead

THE MLS CREST The new MLS crest embodies and represents the next phase of Major League Soccer's vision to be among the best leagues in the world by 2022. WORDMARK: MLS stands for Major League Soccer. SLASH: The slash refers to soccer's speed and energy. The slash begins outside the perimeter and drives upward at a 45-degree angle to illustrate ...