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July 1st, 2014

Music :: “I Mean It (Remix)” G.Eazy feat. Rick Ross & Remo

G.Eazy is my guy. He has a new album. He's been doing his thing for a minute, but he is starting to fight in a different weight class. He is getting heavy's on his records now. This time, he got the bawse. Check out this remix for "I Mean It" one of the singles off of his new album. Good him. Listen to him. Dude is a problem.
July 1st, 2014

Tweet Of The Day – Jensen Karp

Tim Howard could’ve saved my parents’ marriage.— Jensen Karp (@JensenClan88) July 1, 2014 I have an old friend named Jensen. He currently owns art galleries in LA in addition to some other very cool things. He used to be a rapper back in the day by the name of Hot Karl. I tried signing him to a record deal in my music industry days. He ...
June 30th, 2014

Video :: “I Believe That We Will Win….” from Fall Out Boy #USMNT

Fall Out Boy and Paramore are out on tour right now... the Monumentour, and FOB has got World Cup fever too! Check out this cool video from their latest show. (H/t to Carrillo on the fb post)
June 29th, 2014

Listen :: “CONSOLATION” by Helen Hollins Singers (Nicolas Jaar edit)

If chile wins I'm sharing a new track— Nicolas Jaar (@nicolas___jaar) June 28, 2014 24 years old Nicolas Jaar is an American-Chilean musician, the owner and founder of his own record label and art house, Clown & Sunset, as well as its successor, the subscription-based imprint called Other People. He threw out that tweet above ahead ...
June 22nd, 2014

Listen :: DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick (Boogie) – “SUMMERTIME VOL. 5″ Mixtape + Download Link

Holup. Sorry to interrupt everyone's World Cup excitement capped off by the USMNT v. Portugal match set to kick off in a couple of hours, but this is important. Its starting to smell like summer time out there. Jeff and Mick have dropped their annual mixtape. This is number 5 and it starts with Biz covering Big WIllie Style's Summertime. Yeah, its like ...
June 18th, 2014

“Its Poppin’” from Deuce and XO :: New Clint Dempsey Rap Single Alert

Out of respect for our guy, I'm not going to throw up the youtube video that I am sure is not an official outlet for the song, but I will provide the Wall Street Journal Link, that broke the story, with a full stream of "It's Poppin'" from Deuce and XO. Listen to the New Rap Song by World Cup Player Clint Dempsey (Exclusive) : WSJ The first ...
June 18th, 2014

“No Mediocre” from TI ft. Iggy Azalea – Random Soccer

A few weeks back we posted an IG video of T.I.P. playing a little bit of futsal down in Brazil and I was a little bit curious as to what was going on. I lived in Atlanta back in the day and there wasnt a whole bunch of futsal happening in Bankhead. But, today, with the release of TIs latest video, it all is starting to make sense. In this video, he ...
June 14th, 2014

Beats by Dre x Jay Z x World Cup : I’m Ready for whatever this is.

What do you get when you take the biggest rapper in the world (Jay Z).... throwing in with the biggest sporting event in the world (World Cup).... and you take two of the biggest brands in the world (Beats By Dre x Apple)..... and put them all together? Well, right now, we've just got a little bit of a preview - but more to come. Roc Nation ...