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October 9th, 2014

Mario Balotelli :: Super Mario Snood

Loading Just finish training with my new snood!! ???????? View on Instagram ~~  #Swagotelli about to hit 2 Million followers on Instagram.... One of the best follows out there.
October 8th, 2014


Loading Honored to be a part of tonight's @columbuscrew event... #NewCrew View on Instagram Going to be a good one tonight.....
October 7th, 2014

The FIFA Movie ‘United Passions’ Isn’t Doing So Well….

~~  I'll just let you take a look at this AP story.......  Seems like $27 million could have gone a long way for some other much needed projects....
October 2nd, 2014

Michel Platini :: ‘I Support The Publishing Of The Garcia Report’

~~  Was wondering when / if UEFA President Michel Platini was going to make his opinion public.....  Big, big statement coming from Platini... And one the adds necessary fuel to the fire to see this report published publicly.... As it should have been in the first place. via Guardian The Uefa president said in a statement: “As long as the ...
October 2nd, 2014

#VoteForTesho – FC Dallas Rookie Of The Year Campaign

~~  This is some pretty good stuff from FC Dallas, Matt Hedges and Tesho Akindele.....  Love it when a club is able to pull something off like this and make it their own.
September 24th, 2014

Men In Blazers :: Adam Richman

NEW POD: MiB talk a Mad World #PremierLeague weekend and upcoming derbies. @SpursOfficial fan @AdamRichman guests: — Men in Blazers (@MenInBlazers) September 24, 2014 ~~ So. So. Good.
September 24th, 2014

Joey Barton Tweet On Mario Balotelli – Biggest Myth In World Football

Balotelli? He is the biggest myth in World football the fella. Fair play to him he's had everyones trolleys down... — Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) September 23, 2014 ~~ Whoa.  He has to know that whenever he press 'Tweet' that every single press outlet in England is going to jump all over it.... Right? Joey Barton never lets us down.
September 23rd, 2014

Video :: DJ SKEE Reviews EA Sports FIFA 15

~~  ISPS, Beans and I have been saying this for years.... EA Sports FIFA is one of THE most important bridge builders in the game, bringing the game of soccer brand awareness and celebrity together year after year.  And this video speaks to just a fraction of what the future is and can be. Doesn't mater what your background is, if you do play or ...