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Dear Mr. Hicks

October 06, 2010   By beans

Fed up Liverpool fans have taken to the Internet with a viral video intended to let their current [...]

Tom Hicks Sports Empire Crumbling?

August 18, 2009   By isps

While soccer fans have watched the chaos surrounding Tom Hicks’  Liverpool financing, in another set of financial books, Hick’s [...]

Hicks / Gillett Suffer Massive Liverpool...

June 04, 2009   By dunny

Liverpool’s American Co – Owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks can’t be happy knowing their Kop Football (Holdings) [...]

Tom Hicks defaults on some loans

April 05, 2009   By isps

from the Guardian: Tom Hicks’s US sports investment-vehicle has defaulted on loans amounting to US$525m (£354m). The news [...]

Tom Hicks Opens Up On Rafa’s Signi...

March 19, 2009   By dunny

Liverpool Co – Owner Tom Hicks has admitted that while he is over the moon about Rafa Benitez [...]

Raging Rafa Demands New Contract

February 16, 2009   By isps

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez goes to the media (…) with his demands for a fat new contract for [...]

Liverpool Fans vs. Tom Hicks

February 02, 2009   By isps

Image via daylife A sign aimed at the club’s U.S. owners is seen at Liverpool’s English Premier League [...]

Bush 43’s New Neighbor in Dallas

January 20, 2009   By isps

When the now former President Bush arrives in Dallas, his next door neighbor will be Tom Hicks, owner [...]