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December 1st, 2014

Watch :: Leeds United’s Adryan with the most INSANE Flop you will EVER see!

The first tumble was bad enough, but the 2nd phase of this is completely, utterly, totally, absolutely, entirely, wholly, fully and thoroughly, unnecessary. * Whenever me make progress with this game, something like this happens and it goes viral. THIS is what they think all soccer players do. C'mon bro, you're f***ing it up for everybody. ...
May 16th, 2014

Fans Celebrate Goal by Shooting AK-47’s … wait, whaaaa?!

The title on this video on youtube is "Brazilian Soccer Fans Celebrate Goal By Firing Ak 47s Into The Air!" with no description of when or where this game is. There are a ton of dudes in full Brazil kits, and it seems like its a neighborhood match given the fencing and the people standing on chair watching. I'd like to know where this is, so I'm ...
April 12th, 2014

Watch :: Indiana Student WHEEL OF FORTUNE FAIL.

I refuse to believe this is real. Like, it may be real and happened on television, but this has to be something that Wheel of Fortune cooked up and convinced this dude to do so the show can get a viral clip going, right?!!? * Impossible that my guy Julian could have actually messed up three times, really really badly. This is student week, he's ...
April 6th, 2014

Watch :: Guy Ramos Grab Aron Johansson’s Pack… Jun…. Nu…. Whatever.

Roda JC and AZ Alkmaar drew 2 - 2 today, but this also happened. Guy Ramos apparently thought it was hilarious. Luckily for Aron's night, Guy Ramos didn't last the length of the match, he was shown a second yellow (red) in the 81st minute and had to hit the locker room early. If I'm Aron Johansson, I'm not looking at the ref for this one, I've ...
March 10th, 2014

Fake Passport Guy from Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane, “Looks Like Mario Balotelli” … wait, whaaa?

image As you probably can figure out, I'm a pretty big fan of Mario Balotelli. I like the kid. He's been through a ton in his lifetime and he has come out on top. He's one of the most talented and I would almost go as far as to say gifted footballers we have ever seen. So, I stick up for him. But, there is another side to him, and we have all ...
March 1st, 2014

Watch :: Newcastle Boss Alan Pardew HEADBUTT Hull City’s David Meyler

Your browser does not support iframes. video via NBC Sports [dot] com The scene was crazy today at The Kingston Communications Stadium in Newcastle's 4 -1 win over Hull. Inside of 20 minutes, the ball went out of play by the dugouts with Newcastle leading 3-1, and as David Meyler went to retrieve the ball, he became involved in an altercation ...
February 11th, 2014

Video :: Italian Player Scores Goal, Headbutts Bench – Gets Red Card

~~  Every single team has 'that guy'.... And this right here is a perfect example of 'that guy'.... I'm not sure I've ever seen more of a #HARDO move in my life....  I'm actually surprised he was as calm as he was when the ref went to the back pocket.
December 23rd, 2013

NAC Breda Players and Fans Celebrate Win in Pitchside Jacuzzi … wait, whaaa?

A group of NAC Breda fans watched their side beat Cambuur 1-0 in the Dutch Eredivisie from a jacuzzi on the side of the pitch. Dutch club, NAC Breda played on Saturday, just three point clear of the relegation zone before kick off. They won 1-0. And oh by the way, the players celebrated their first win in five games by jumping into a pitchside ...
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