Watch :: Wayne Rooney’s Ridiculous RED CARD Against West Ham

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This makes no sense. No way to defend this Mr. Roo

Not too much of a reaction from him either so he knew he made a grave error. Why not just clip the guys ankle, no need to slash Stewart Downing high in the thigh like that. Apparently the researches checked it out and it was Wayne Rooney’s first red card in over 5 years in a Manchester United shirt. The last one came in March of 2009.

rooney red card

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BPFC Fam Erik Valdez is Celebrity Racing for Wounded Warrior Project ®

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Check out the official, full length version of ?#?CrewChiefJiff?! working with our good friend Erik Valdez, getting his rig dialed in for the Wounded Warrior Project Charity race at Irwindale Event Center later today.


Erik’s driving in a Nascar celebrity race with some other folks that you might know, Corbin Bleu from “High School Musical” and “Dancing With the Stars”, Matt D’Andria from GQ’s “Car Collectors,” Co-Host “Car Cast”, Brett Davern from MTV’s “Awkward”, Doug Fregin a co-founder of Research in Motion (RIM) aka the makers of BlackBerry, Mark-Paul Gosselaar from “Franklin & Bash” and “Saved by the Bell”, Tricia Helfer from “Battlestar Galactica” and “Killer Women”, Nathan Kress from “iCarly” and “Into the Storm”, Mark Kriski, a local LA dude and KTLA 5 Meteorologist, Lorenzo Lamas who will be starring on the new season: “Celebrity Apprentice” but is known most famously for “Falcon Crest” and “The Bold and The Beautiful” and MMA Fighter and former Ultimate Fighting Champion, Tito Ortiz will be honored as the event’s Grand Marshal & Official Starter.

Come out and watch us race and support this wonderful organization, its $15 at the gate, with proceeds going to the charity.

They will be signing autographs starting at 5:30, with the gates open at 4:00, a silent auction all night, and racing starts at 7:00!


Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound, co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001 and their families.

WWP serves by taking a holistic approach when serving warriors and their families to nurture the mind and body, and encourage economic empowerment and engagement. Through a high-touch and interactive approach, WWP hopes to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.

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Soccer In America – A Photographic Journey

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The moment when @jermainejunior & I couldn’t hear anything @sebisalazarCSN said because of the @sportingkc fans going nuts…

~~ TheOriginalWinger on Instagram

To be included in our Soccer In America – A Photographic Journey series, e-mail your submissions to

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Pa Modou Kah & Eva Bolls

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Sometimes sports provides opportunities and moments that go well above and beyond the sport itself. One of these moments happened recently after the Portland Timbers v Vancouver Whitecaps game.

And then, something unique happened. As the players made their way around the pitch, Timbers center back Pa Modou Kah noticed Eva and the Bolls family near the east sideboards. Emily watched the following moment unfold in awe.

“Kah just sort of kept walking and I realized he just locked eyes with Eva. I mean it was so spontaneous,” she said. “It was so moving the way he just kind of looks at her in this way. He came right up to her and really just threw his arms around her and asked her, ‘Do you want to come on the field?’ and just lifted her over the gate.

“My son is just going crazy and Ryan and I, we just both started crying.”

For Kah, a gregarious defender whose easy-going personality has made him popular with teammates and fans alike, it was a moment that he didn’t expect or plan but one that he embraced as he instantly decided to make a difference in another person’s life.

“On my way to the sideline, I saw her,” he said. “It struck me that she had cancer and it was just a pure spontaneous thing from my side to just pick her up.”

With all the challenges of the summer and treatment, Eva has been, understandably, pretty anxious about separating herself from her family. But in Kah’s arms, she happily went to the North End of the field and helped lift one of the logs. Eva’s brother Emmet was allowed through to the field along with their parents where they spoke with Porter, Kah and some of the players.

“I almost got choked up just even talking to the mom real quick on the field and talking to her daughter,” said Porter later of meeting Eva. “She’s obviously fighting a battle right now.”

Following the log ceremony, Eva and Emmet—sans parents—received a special invitation to join the team in the locker room. Again in Kah’s arms, Eva happily went into the tunnel with the guys while Emily and Ryan waited outside.

Take a few minutes and head over to the Portland Timbers website to check out the full story. And props to Pa Madou Kah and the Timbers for doing something so kind and thoughtful.

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Suit Up For Sunday With Tim Howard & Darren McFadden

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This video is great. Tim Howard and Darren McFadden from the Oakland Raiders talk about how important training and preparation is. And I’m not sure there are many players who prepare better and train harder than Timmy does. He is as professional and dedicated to his craft as anyone out there. His success is a by product of all that hard work.  If any young players read this and want to emulate anything, emulate Tim Howard’s work ethic, dedication and his drive to be the best that he can be.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

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Trailer :: The Thug Kitchen Cookbook

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* This video and post is not for you if you are offended by strong language.


If you aren’t hip to Thug Kitchen yet, you need to click on that link and see what they are all about.

Interestingly enough, with a brand name like THUG KITCHEN, and with their images and write-ups being so aggressive, you would think that these cats would just be on some bbq ish, or pizza and beers ish but once you get in to it, you find out that the recipes are actually really good. And really healthy. And pretty approachable.

I’ve been a fan for a while and will definitely be throwing down on this cookbook.

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World Cup Gear Helps Nike Top Profit Estimates … By A Lot

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NIKE, INC. announced their fiscal 2015 first quarter results today and they were good. And by good, I mean effing phenomenal. The financial talk is that their net income in the quarter ended Aug. 31 rose 23 percent to $962 million, or $1.09 a share, up from $779 million, or 86 cents, a year earlier, the Beaverton, Oregon-based company said today in a statement.

That may not seem like a whole bunch but take this other number into consideration too. Bloomberg, the respected financial services organization had a poll and the average of 25 analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg was 88 cents.

So, last year the numbers were that net income was 86 cents, the analysts estimated 88 cents, but the actual income was at $1.09. If you don’t look at things like this a lot, let me tell you that good analysts are usually close, and great analysts are usually off by maybe a nickel. Remember that this is all per share by the way.

* Obviously it was not just soccer and the World Cup that made this happen because there is a guy called LeBron James and a guy called Kobe Bryant that are Nike athletes, along with a whole host of other ways that they make money, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the WC had a lot to do with the numbers Nike put up on the board. Impressive.

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Trailer Alert :: “Dumb And Dumber To”

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20 years after the dimwits set out on their first adventure, they head out in search of one of their long lost children in the hope of gaining a new kidney.

Can’t wait for this one here to happen. We saw the teaser trailer a few months ago, but this one gets a lot more in depth on whats up with our guys Lloyd and Harry. Gonna be a funny one and that bus scene had me laughing my bag off right now. Gonna be a good one.

The film stars Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Laurie Holden, and Kathleen Turner and is scheduled to be released November 14, 2014.

dumb and dumber to trailer 2

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