Iggy Azelia :: Fancy feat Charli XCX

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Iggy Azelia keeps doing her thing. I think this is going to be a big year for her. The music is right. She’s dating a pro athlete (Nick Young aka Swagy P Young). It just seems like this could be a big year for her. This song has 17 million views on YouTube in just over a month. So that says something about what’s going on in her world right  now. And this song is catchy as can be. Not sure she has done anything quite tho commercial before. I think this one might do it for her.

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Diddy :: Coachella Through My Eyes

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Diddy Coachella

~~  This is why I love technology….. Every single one of you reading this has wondered what it’d be like to see something like Coachella through the eyes of a celebrity and thanks to Diddy and Revolt, here’s your chance…

Coachella and Burning Man… People. Watching. Central.

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Nike Lunar Gato :: Black / Lunar Green

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Nike Lunar Black

A good look at the Black / Lunar Green color way drop in the Nike Lunar Gato, spotted and available over at Premier.

~~  So simple and so clean.  Indoors now becoming the staple of skaters around the world.

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Re-Imagining A Classic – The Bumpy Pitch 1994 Stars T-Shirt

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BP - Stars


1994 was a pivotal year for soccer in America. We were hosting the World Cup for the first time and we legitimately had the eyes of the soccer world squarely focused on us. There was an excitement around the sport that had rarely been seen here in the United States. The best players in the world came Stateside to compete in the world’s greatest sporting event. This was the team that really helped build the foundation of the sport in the US as we know it today. Guys like Eric Wynalda, John Harkes, Tab Ramos, Marcelo Balboa, Cobi Jones, Brad Friedel (can you believe he is still playing today), Paul Cailguri, Alexi Lalas, a very young Claudio Reyna and so many others. This was Bora Milutinovic’s team. This was before there was an MLS. Most of these guys spent their preparation for the World Cup not playing in leagues around the world, or even one here in the US, but instead at a training camp in Mission Viejo. It was a moment in time that will never be duplicated. Things are different now. Significantly better. But what a great story the 1994 US World Cup team is.

It was in that 1994 World Cup that the US team broke out one of the most classic soccer jerseys of all time. The legendary denim looking kit with an all over star print. adidas got bold with this design and went for it. In a way it summed up a lot about that time. It embodied much about American soccer at that time. A bold attitude that was matched with an untraditional approach to the sport. And a very, very mid 1990?s design ethos. This jersey was the counter balance to the “wavy” striped jersey that the US wore in the 94 World Cup as well.


But it was the “denim” version that got people talking. So much so that people still talk about it today. Complex Magazine recently included it in their 50 best jerseys of all time – it landed in the top 10. With the 2014 World Cup just around the corner, the 20th anniversary of this famous jersey is almost upon us. We wanted to pay tribute to this jersey and re-imagine it as a t-shirt. So we went with a faded athletic blue color as the base of the shirt to give it that almost denim effect that the original jersey had. We re-created the patterned star print but switched the stars from white to a more tonal blue reducing the contrast from the original. We topped the whole thing off with the Bumpy Pitch crest. And we made sure to make this shirt as soft as we possibly could to give it the feeling of a vintage t-shirt that you have had for quite awhile (since ’94 maybe?).

This is a jersey that has both lovers and haters, but regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, it still had everybody talking. And that’s what classic, iconic pieces do. They make a stand. They are bold. They demand that conversations take place.

It’s pretty crazy to think that it has been almost twenty years since we hosted the 1994 World Cup. Soccer in America was a very different sport then. Things will never go back to the way they were (and they don’t need to). But that era laid the ground work for much of what is taking place now. The DIY mentality. Finding other like minded folks who shared a love for the game. It’s much easier these days with the Internet, but the roots go back to these days. This was before the huge interest in the sport. Before the supporters clubs. Before big corporate dollars were coming in from everywhere. Let’s not forget we didn’t even have a major professional league. It was a time when many of us were ridiculed for liking and playing the sport. It certainly wasn’t a glamorous or cool thing to be involved in, but it gave us the backbone we needed to help grow the sport. We were and are still – but to a lesser point – the underdogs. We embodied the underdog mentality and I will always love that about soccer here in the US. We wouldn’t let the naysayers win. We went about things in our own manner and supported when supporting soccer was very much uncool. We will never go back to an era like that, but we can look back fondly realizing that each of us have played a part in growing something that we love so much.

It’s remarkable to think about how far the sport has come since 1994. And it’s inspiring and exciting to think about where the sport will be in another twenty years. And just think about how classic and retro the denim jersey will be in another twenty years. This t-shirt might even be considered a classic then.

The Stars t-shirt is available exclusively at Bumpy Pitch.

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Is The David Moyes Project Coming To An End

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It’s been a rough season for Manchester United. And yesterday’s match against Everton put an exclamation on that fact. With the loss yesterday to his old team, David Moyes and Manchester United are officially out of next year’s Champions League and are continuing to look a shell of what the club and it’s fans have come to expect from the team. Now reports are coming out that David Moyes’ time at the club may be over.

Nobody asked for my opinion on this, but I’m going to go ahead and give it anyway.

Moyes needs to be fired. I know it has only been one season that he is in charge, but it’s been a terrible season. Get him out sooner rather than later. Dunny and I were talking during yesterday’s game and there is something wrong with the players. It looks like they don’t believe in him or the system. We talked about what it means once a manager has lost the training room. When the players no longer believe. It’s a tough place for a manager to be it seems like that is what is happening or has already happened. The players don’t look like they want to play for him. When SAF was in charge players were 100% committed to the manager, the system and the team. If they weren’t they were gone. That is not taking place with Moyes. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Ask the girls I have dated in my life. Sometimes you just gotta move on.

Look at what has happened with Liverpool. They players believe in Brendan Rogers. They believe in his system. They want to play for him. And they are doing an amazing job. Liverpool has some great players but their success this season is about Rogers, his system and his relationship with the players. You can see that everyone at the club buys in to Rogers.

I also don’t think that Moyes can attract the top talent that Manchester United need. I don’t know how many world class players would want to come play for United and Moyes after seeing the way in which the club performed this year. Especially with United missing out on the Champions League. Bring in a new and exciting manager and that might change. It would show United recognize what happened and that they made changes to ensure they get back to the top.

So I say bring in Jurgen Klopp. The Borussia Dortmund manager is young, exciting, passionate and he seems to have that buy in from his players that United so desperately need. He has done some amazing things at Dortmund and he would bring something that Moyes doesn’t have. Not only some energy and excitement, but a better understanding of tactics. He plays a system of attacking that is much more align in how Manchester United plays then the defensive nature that Moyes has brought. I also think that Klopp could attract players in the transfer market. And I think he would find young exciting players to bring in. Maybe he would bring Marco Reus in with him. Get Shinji Kagawa back to his best. I think he would put in a system that would be exciting and fun. Make United a team to fear again. Make them fun to watch. Shake the system up bud!

I don’t know if any of this will happen, but that’s my two cents on the matter. Let’s just say it is very clear that something needs to happen and it needs to happen quickly if United want to get back to the heights that they and their fans expect.

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Footie Facts

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Scotland has qualified for the World Cup on eight occasions. All eight times it failed to advance beyond the first round.

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Trailer :: The Rover starring Robert Pattinson & Guy Pearce

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Trailer - The Rover

The Rover is set in the Australian desert in a dangerous and dysfunctional near future. Eric has left everything and every semblance of human kindness behind him. When his last possession, his car, is stolen by a gang of dangerous criminals, Eric sets off to track them down and is forced along the way to enlist the help of Reynolds, the naive member of the gang left behind in the bloody chaos of the gang’s most recent escape.

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Made To Order :: Nike Magista

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Nike Magista

~~  Isn’t it crazy to think about how far the game has come in the last 15 years…. From the simplicity of Black / White boots to the ‘made to order’ / any color way your could ever desire of 2014….

via NikeInc

Building on Nike’s history of groundbreaking innovation in performance footwear, the new Magista football boot redefines the concept of how football boots look and perform.

Providing improved fit, touch and traction, the boot is designed for the needs of the creative playmaker. Nike Flyknit technology has been engineered for football for the first time, allowing the foot to get closer to the ball and to deliver enhanced ball-feel and control.

Players can select from two plate options to fit their playing needs, FG (advanced traction on firmer grass fields) or SG-Pro (for extra grip on softer ground). For personalized style, players can select an overlay from a variety of solid colors, or choose a clear overlay to expose the Magista’s Nike Flyknit technology. The Swoosh, Swoosh border, and laces are also available to customize from a variety of color options, with a special graphic option available on the Swoosh.

For the first time on NIKEiD, football players can mimic the personalization elements commonly seen on top athletes and select their jersey number; 1 of 12 country flags; or personalize with a custom name or nickname. Five unique icons specific to the Magista will also be available for added personalization.

Nike Magista0

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