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Having been a part of AYSO as youths, the founders of Bumpy Pitch and The Original Winger will always appreciate the role of AYSO is the game and we are happy to contribute to the silent auction, so here is what we are doing.

ayso auction bpfc

The AYSO NAGM Auction is now open.

The auction is running from May 17, 2015 to May 27, 2015, with proceeds going to AMERICAN YOUTH SOCCER ORGANIZATION in order to support the Hugo Bustamante Playership Fund.

The Playership Fund helps underpriviledge children play AYSO soccer by help families with registration fees.

Auction items range from exotic vacation getaways to donated items guaranteed to delight and surprise. So, tell your friends, family, community. Let the bidding begin!

As you know if you’ve been watching out instagram page, we’ve been working recently on a ton of new shirt designs and have some stuff dropping pretty soon…… So, we will grant the highest online bidder, the chance to select and receive three of our upcoming shirt releases before they are available for sale to the general public!

Just go over to the AYSO NAGM auction website, check out what we have to offer and make a bid. Highest bid, you get it. Light work.

Now, while you are at it, you are going to want to check out some of the incredible things that AYSO has put together. Here are some of my favorites, there are a few 5-match game tickets up for auction in Orlando, LA, Salt Lake, Seattle, New York, etc.

There is a chance to have lunch with Sigi, Sounders tickets, and sideline passes.

There is the Two MLS All Star Tickets and two Hospitality pack.

A Wine Tasting for 8 at J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines – this is special by the way. I love J. Lohr wines.

There are hotel stays, a signed jersey from Sydney Leroux, an original Spider-Man sketch framed and autographed by Stan Lee.

There are portable goal set-ups, sopping sprees, blu-ray and dvd packages, stuff for kids, stuff for coaches, stuff for parents. Go check it out and donate to a great organization and great cause.

Here is the link to the Bumpy Pitch shirts to get you started:

Exclusive pre-release Bumpy Pitch T-shirts (Your Choice of 3) auction item – AYSO NAGM page

The opening bid is literally the cost of one BPFC shirt but the value of getting pre-release gear is priceless… imagine all of the instagram pics and facebook posts you could do. You will be rocking Bumpy Pitch gear that to that point, no one else but the owners have worn!

* I might have to start a kickstarter for this one…..Kentucky Bourbon Trail

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Top 11 Soccer Moments on DAVID LETTERMAN

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So, I was working on this post last night and didn’t hit publish because I wanted to wait until before the show came up tonight…. but, looking at the internets its apparent that I wasnt the only person with this idea.

So, here are some of my favorites. FYI, I put “Top 11″ because it works with the game, but I just ran into the youtube sinkhole of Letterman videos. That is something that you can eeeeeeeeasily with do with Letterman, especially old Letterman.

And, these arent all great when talking about soccer, but they are all funny. It’s late night and some of these are old, what do you expect.

This is the best one you will see today, hands down.

Dave and Paul Play Soccer at Wembley Stadium

Here is Landon Donovan and Dave Letterman kicking soccer balls at taxis

More Landon Donovan – The Late Late Show Letterman

This is Letterman and Clint Dempsey talking about the last World Cup

U.S. Soccer Team Captain Clint Dempsey and his take on Fake Soccer Injuries

Keith Olbermann on World Cup Soccer

Paul Rudd Talks World Cup Soccer

John Oliver Explains English Soccer to David Letterman

Top Ten Thoughts Going Through Luis Suarez’s Mind At This Moment

World Cup Update with Graham Fenwick-Jones

Dave’s Monologue on about the World Cup on 6/24/14

Hope Solo and Abby Wambach from the U.S. Soccer Team on David Letterman

David Beckham’s Interview with David Letterman

Here is one that they took the embeddable off, but its still good.

Mia Hamm on Letterman in 1996, check it out.

As far as Letterman, I love this guy and I love this show. It didn’t quite mean to me what it meant to a lot of folks but I did really enjoy the guy.

If you havent been watching for the last couple of weeks during his send off, you have been missing out. The one thing that everyone who watches has noticed over the last decade of so was that it had gotten a little bit annoying because for the most part, he had to host guest that you could tell weren’t intellectually up to par. And once he knows they are dumb dumbs, he’s out. And, that is not good for anyone except the internet.

Still entertaining but not the beauty of what makes David, David. It was good though because the guy is still super entertaining.

In this wind-down, everyone on was a guest that is someone that he respects and people that you can tell genuinely entertain him and make him laugh. That’s a good thing. For everyone.

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PUMA and Fabricio Coloccini unveil the 2015/16 NEWCASTLE home kit

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Newcastle United’s brand new Puma home kit for the 2015/16 season is available to pre-order. The stylish black and white shirt will go on sale from 9am on Thursday, 21st May and can be pre-ordered from now.

The new kits will be worn for the first time in Sunday’s vital Barclays Premier League game against West Ham United. There is a possible relegation situation happening if Newcastle doesn’t get a result.

newcastle 2015 16 kit 2

* One problem though, apparently WONGA relaunched their brand and have a different logo.

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New Video Alert :: “LSD” from A$AP Rocky

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Just watch and listen.

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Highlights :: U-20 MNT vs. Australia

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The Under-20 Men’s National Team defeated Australia’s Under-20 team 2-1 today at Central Coast Stadium in Gosford, Australia.

USA 2 – 1 Australia : Scoring Summary

AUS – Stefan Mauk (15th minute)
USA – Joel Soñora (60′) , Maki Tall (61′)

Full match report available at

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Madame Tussauds New York Unveils LIONEL MESSI Wax Figure

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This dynamic Lionel Messi wax figure shows the Argenitian mid-kick as he prepares to score a goal.

The figure is wearing his #10 Argentina jersey, as he wore it during the 2014 FIFA World Cup games in Brazil.

Studio artists from Madame Tussauds worked for four months to create his figure, calculating over 250 measurements from photo and video references of the athlete in order to perfectly recreate his appearance and capture his on-the-field intensity.

With the introduction of the Lionel Messi figure, the all new and entirely renovated Sports Zone at Madame Tussauds will be complete.

Messi’s figure will be placed in an interactive soccer simulator where visitors can practice their best Messi kick in a virtual soccer arena.

The space features the figures of legendary athletes including Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony, Serena Williams, Muhammad Ali, Eli Manning, David Wright and Michelle Kwan.

Renovations to the space include a football locker room for Eli to suit up, a basketball court for Yao to dunk in and a rotating platform to highlight Kwan’s grace on the ice.

Visitors will be able to squat behind the plate while Jeter is in the batter’s box or try their best to last a round with Ali or Evander Holyfield in an all new boxing ring.

Please be advise… this is not the first Lio wax figure. The other one went up a couple of years ago at Madame Tussauds in London which they unveiled at Wembley. Check it:

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Trailer :: “We Are Your Friends” starring Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski

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* I have, about, a billion questions about this movie already.

First things first, I love this trailer. I love everything that this movie can be about. The city of LA, that college CSUN is about 30 minutes from the penthouse. Smokeshows, it sounds crazy but I don’t think I’ve ever heard Emily Ratajkowski speak before. DJ culture, I’ve always been curious and I’ve even known people who have CHANGED THEIR ENTIRE LIVES by picking up the ones and the twos and pulling dj sets – not like one person, but I need two hands. And, ‘coming-of-age ttype of movies.

Cole (Zac Efron), a 23-year-old DJ who struggles in the Hollywood’s electronic dance music scene, has dreams of becoming a major record producer. Eventually, older DJ James (Wes Bentley), begins to mentor him, but Cole makes a connection with James’ girlfriend, Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski). When Cole’s relationship with Sophie blossoms and his friendship with James begins to break down as a result, he is forced into difficult decisions over his future.

I would go as far as to say that this movie may not be the breakout hit of the summer (I want* to say that this might be better than the Entourage movie) but this has a feeling of one of those movies that will be around for a while.

Don’t sleep, Zac is a pretty good actor. And, I’m just going to assume that Emily Ratajkowski is pretty good at everything.

* I want to say it, but its just not going to happen. Same production company, and WB is putting waaaaay more behind Entourage than this one. But, I will be closely watching the Rotten Toms scores, because I’m going to say that this one will get better reviews. Relatively speaking of course.

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adidas Busenitz :: Hemp / Suede

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~~  If you go back to the mid 1990′s, there was a big momentum push off the backside of the 1994 World Cup Final in the United States… Soccer was everywhere and there were realy only two brands that were representing the game.

And us ‘Latchkey Kids’ were repping hard.  Boots consisted of Copa’s / World Cup’s / Puma Kings / Perla Negra’s / Lanzera’s and a few other obscure brands that we would search for every month when the latest EuroSport Magazine would land in the mailbox.  Those were ‘Christmas Morning’ days.

Bouncing from house to house with you crew… Training session to training session on your skateboard / bike… Getting home and raiding the refridgerator…  And doing it all over the nex day.

Those were the iconic moments of our youth.

To see all of the soccer brands taking their base elements and (very quietly) utilizing them in other genres has been really incredible to watch.  Take these adidas Busenitz :: Hemp / Suede above.

Iconic tongue.  Shape.  Color way.

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