Breaking :: Hope Solo Suspended from the U.S. WNT for 30 Days

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hope solo case

via US Soccer

U.S. Soccer has suspended goalkeeper Hope Solo from the U.S. Women’s National Team for 30 days. The suspension is effective immediately.

The suspension stems from an incident that occurred during the current WNT training camp being held in Carson, California. *

As a result of the suspension, Solo has been released from training camp and will miss the USA’s matches in Europe on Feb. 8 in France and Feb. 13 in England.

“During our current National Team camp, Hope made a poor decision that has resulted in a negative impact on U.S. Soccer and her teammates,” said U.S. Women’s National Team head coach Jill Ellis. “We feel at this time it is best for her to step away from the team.”

Solo will be eligible for reinstatement to the team after the 30-day suspension, pending review and approval by U.S. Soccer and Ellis.

* Its not specified but one has to believe that the latest newsmaking story is what this is about. Hope and her husband were pulled over this last weekend, he was stopped under the suspicion of driving under the influence and caught a DUI arrest. According to TMZ’s report, Hope was “acting belligerent” in the car, pulled out her cell phone to video the police officers, and even dropped a “do you know who we are?” blast on the coppers.

Hope Solo’s Husband BUSTED FOR DUI ‘Don’t You Know Who We Are?’ – TMZ

As the saying goes to anyone who asks that anywhere: If you have to ask if someone “knows who you are,” they either don’t know who you are OR they know who you are and they don’t give a f—!

Thats never a good look.

You gotta believe that this is not necessarily a suspension for this one incident. It must be a bts situation where they told her to clean it up after the drama that happened a few months ago with her and the sister and the nephew and then that was followed by getting caught up in the fappening (even though thats not her fault or anyones really) but its still “drama” and a distraction that you don’t want.

I can’t imagine that we wanted to suspend Hope, you know, since there is this whole WWC thing happening in a few months. You kind of want your 1st team keeper out there with the squad training. But, this is just the wrong climate to be an athlete that keeps effing up. Especially some domestic situations and DUI situations… just not a good look. Hopefully she gets it together or this is all just some big misunderstanding.

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Trailer :: “Microsoft HoloLens” + Random Soccer in Random Places

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For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens seamlessly blends high-definition holograms with your real world. Holograms will improve the way you do things every day, and enable you to do things you’ve never done before.Microsoft

* First off, that’s incredible. But what is it exactly? According to the video and if you head over to the Microsoft site, Microsoft HoloLens brings high-definition holograms to life in your world, where they integrate with your physical places, spaces, and things.

Sounds dope right? And, I wanted to post about it originally because we see the Sounders highlights in a huge launch like this, and not some NBA highlights, or NFL highlights or something like that we normally see. To throw soccer on this says a lot.

If you are unaware, Microsoft today is having a huge WINDOWS 10 announcement event and they are talking about the operating system, all the things it can do, and its a global situation. That may have a lot to do with why they chose soccer as the sport to highlight, but being an MLS Club is huge… even though its an MLS club they sponsor.

Microsoft HoloLens 1

But, there is something more to this. Once I watched the video, and saw what it is claiming to do, I starting thinking bigger. How awesome would it be if some media company like a Fox or ESPN or Sky Sports invested in a ton of cameras all over every stadium in MLS or La Liga or the Premier League and there was a way to integrate wearing this technology, and it felt like you were IN THE STADIUM watching the game?

What if instead of playing FIFA on a huge flat screen, you could throw these on and now you are playing AS CLINT DEMPSEY or Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi or whomever you wanted to play as?

Luckily, I happen to know some pretty smart dudes, so I just threw that out to them to see how far we are from having just that in our lives. Just as an fyi, the guys I asked have worked with Microsoft and Oculus and Sony and several other companies. Programmers, engineers and project manager types that either develop games or write scripts for games or produce games, and a lot of titles you would be familiar with.

They are super smart dudes that know what they are talking about, and they said, “we’re so close that kind of thing that its not even funny.” But then, they hit me with something else that I didn’t even think about.

I was thinking that having a wearable and being in the stadium would be “total immersion” in the game, but they said suggested this: “What if you had that kind of immersion, but it was combined with data and graphics?”

(don’t you just love how really smart people talk in questions)

As an example and like in the video, all you would need to do is place 360 VR cams at a game and stream the data to your headset giving you a FRONT ROW seat to action. So it’s just like sitting there except BETTER. But, there is more. You could see your favorite player and target him and get stats on him from the web. We could see coaches wearing them and they could see augmented reality data. How about a player fatigue level, layered over their guys, as its communicating wireless with a fitbits or Nike Fuelband or other biometric sensors, #wearables. Players could see play calling or targeted assignments for man to man coverage projected on their vision. Fans can see interactive stats on a given player or play.

The possibilities are endless. And you know what, is this something that we could see in MLS at some point? Microsoft is around. The in-game experience in MLS is better than any sport in the United States. Hands down. That’s because the fans are engaged and because there are owners and executives who are verrrrrry forward thinking. There are also teams in areas that are hotbeds of early adoption tech. Something like this could enhance the stadium experience that much more.

We just sandboxed a couple ideas on facebook chat over my lunch break, imaging what the people who are actually getting paid to think of stuff like this are coming up with… It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

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Nike Free Superfly Mercurial HTM “Dark Obsidian”

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Nike is back at it with these Nike Free’s that are inspired by the Mercurial Superfly. The boot that changed the game is seeing more love outside of the pitch, and the HTM version of them are fire. They are back with an updated color way that is being called “Dark Obsidian” and these are such a problem. We’ve seen boots that inspire sneakers, and these are about as good as they get. These keep the silhouette of the new Mercurials in place and maintain the signature Mercurial swoosh. These are typically pretty limited, so if you can get your hands on a pair, do that. Look for a release later this month.

We saw Cristiano Ronaldo debut these to the world at the Ballon d’Or ceremonies that took place recently. He picked up the award for the best player on the planet for 2014 and also gave us a glimpse of this new color way of one of the best soccer inspired sneakers on the market. These win.


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Conan & Archer Battle Russian Mobsters

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~~ Some great stuff by Conan….

‘I know what Tinder is….’  ’I'm telling your wife…..’

Conan gets animated with everyone’s favorite FX secret agent — and nearly gets shot in the process.

Conan Archer

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Wanda Group Buys 20% Equity Of Atlético de Madrid – Pays €45m

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Atletico Shares

~~  Crazy to think that a 20% equity share of Atletico Madrid costs only €45m….

via AtleticoMadrid

Dalian Wanda Group has reached an agreement with the controlling shareholders of Club Atlético de Madrid, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín and Enrique Cerezo Torres, to come into the share capital of the Club.

Wanda Group’s capital contribution in the Club will allow Atlético de Madrid to significantly shore up its balance sheet, as well as accelerate the growth of its brand globally.

Wanda Group is a leading Chinese conglomerate operating in sectors such as entertainment, hotels and real estate with an extensive footprint in its domestic market and strong growth in Europe and the US.

With Total Assets over $62 billion, Annual Revenues exceeding $30 billion and net profits in excess of $2 billion, Wanda Group is the largest Chinese company in the entertainment industry and one of the largest worldwide.

Furthermore, Wanda Group has a deep knowledge and a long-standing presence in Chinese football, where it was the main sponsor of the Chinese Super League for several seasons. Wanda Group has been showing a constant support to the development of football in China, specially focused on the growth of grassroots football through China’s Future Star Program, in which Club Atlético de Madrid has also been actively collaborating for several years.

Both parties have agreed that the transaction will be implemented through a rights issue, in which all of the cash provided by the Wanda Group will be injected in the Club, thus benefiting all existing shareholders.

To this end, the Wanda Group has committed to subscribe a number of shares representing, after completion of the capital increase proposed which the Club’s Board of Directors will immediately submit to the General Shareholders’ Meeting, a 20% equity share of Club Atlético de Madrid, through a €45 million investment.

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Soccer Around The World – Mario Balotelli

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~~  #Swagotelli

IF you’re not following Mario Balotelli on Instagram…. Well.

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PUMA evoSpeed and evoPower – Power vs Accuracy

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PUMA-evoPOWER 1.2_Image 1-fabrgeas

~~  Digging this commercial…. Because it really does capture what it’s like to be out on the field with your boy, #SkillCheck-ing eachother over and over and over…. Great stuff.

PUMA is launching the new evoPower 1.2 FG today. It is built with new innovations and improved technology with a focus on helping improve accuracy when kicking. As with previous models, the evoPower is based on the idea of playing soccer barefoot. I first saw this last year back in Barcelona, and PUMA has taken that initial idea and improved upon it. The boots also feature Gradual Stability Frame, GripTex Technology to help your touch on the ball in wet conditions and an AccuFoam lining geared towards helping with accuracy. In addition to all of this, these are comfortable boots. There is a different feel to them that is somewhat difficult to accurately describe. Do yourself a favor and at least try these out.

PUMA-EvoPower 1.2-1

PUMA-evoPOWER 1.2-Giroud

In addition the the evoPower 1.2 , PUMA is also releasing an updated color way in the evoSpeed 1.3.

Puma-EvoSpeed 1-3 FG-1




PUMA has also released this short film featuring Mario Balotelli and Cesc Fabregas in which Balotelli goes Head To Head with Fàbregas in a match up of Power versus Accuracy, closely watched by Thierry Henry. For the launch of the PUMA evoPOWER 1.2 football boot, these two football stars show off their skills and the Power and Accuracy this next generation evoPOWER boot generates.

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PUMA also sat down with Cesc Fabregas to chat about being back in the Premier League, what it’s been like at Chelsea so far and the new PUMA evoPower 1.2.

Describe your first season back in the Premier League so far. How has it been?

It’s been great so far, I’m enjoying it a lot. The Premier League has definitely improved since I left three years ago. The passion is still the same – from the fans, the players. Physically it has always been a really hard league because it is so competitive, but tactically it’s now much better. I think to break down defence these days is more difficult than before.

From your first game back in the Premier League, it was like you had been playing with Chelsea for years. Were you surprised how easily you adjusted to playing for a new team?

I was lucky to have a good pre-season.  We played four or five games pre-season and that really helped me find my rhythm. We have a very young and talented squad and I get on well with everyone, so that made my introduction really easy.

What impresses you about Chelsea as a club?

It’s a very well structured club.  The people inside the club, the people who work for Chelsea are really nice and make you feel very welcome and I settled in very quickly. It’s been very positive.

What can Chelsea achieve this season? Can they realistically compete for four trophies?

It’s obviously difficult to say, but at the moment we are still competing in all of them, so I’d never say never. We will try our best, but we’ll only see at the end of the season.

How important is Matic in that holding role for Chelsea to enable you, and other creative players perform further up the pitch?

It’s called the holding role, but I don’t think he is the typical holding midfield player. He runs a lot, he is all over the place because he loves winning battles and he loves winning the ball back. So we move quite a lot in midfield and everyone helps, but definitely Nemanja is a key player for us because his defensive attributes are really important for the team.

You have played a lot of football this season.  Do you feel that’s the case – are you tired, is your body tired?

No, you know, this coach knows very well what he does. We play a lot of games but he also gives a lot of freedom to the players. If he feels that players are playing a lot, that they are getting tired, he will give you three days off, so you can rest and spend time with your family.  He is very intelligent and he is doing very well.

What you think of the new evoPOWER boot?

It’s really good. I tested it for a few weeks, the boot felt really comfortable, it’s actually the best boot I have ever worn.

What has improved in it since the last boot?

They are very comfortable, they are light, and your touch with the ball is even better now.

What is more important: Power or Accuracy?

Both are very important, but I believe more in accuracy because the power is more about how physically strong you are, and accuracy is about the technical ability that you have. So, I personally believe more in accuracy.

Do you think of yourself as an accuracy player, when you shoot, when you pass?

Yes, 100%.  I am definitely an accuracy player.

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Nike Air Trainer III Premium :: Medicine Ball

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Nike Med

A good look at the hybrid mid-top design in a Midnight Navy / Ginger / Bone color way drop in the Nike Air Trainer III Premium, spotted and available over at Premier.

Had a pair of these way back in the day and I’m needing to get my hands on these as soon as possible……

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