Cristiano Ronaldo Sells his Image Rights to Peter Lim and Mint Media

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I am very excited to announce my latest deal with Mint Media, owned by my good friend, businessman Peter Lim from…

Posted by Cristiano Ronaldo on Monday, June 29, 2015

Interesting announcement today from Cristiano Ronaldo, posted on his facebook page, that his team has closed a deal to allow Mint Media to acquire his image rights.

If Peter Lim’s name sounds familiar, its because he has recently made huge splashes in football, in April of 2015 was rated eighth amongst Singapore’s 50 richest people with an estimated net worth of $2.0 billion by Forbes Magazine.

This was on the heels of making headlines in 2014 by purchasing a controlling stake in Spanish football club Valencia for $475 million. Soon thereafter he dropped another $51 million for two players from Portuguese football club Benfica. He also agreed to throw in for a 50% stake in Salford City Club, from former Manchester United players Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and Phil Neville, and has invested in a hotel near old Trafford.

So, for a guy that is in to football, and in to making money, why not alighn himself and his company with one of the worlds biggest stars?

Accoring to a report from, “Peter Lim’s Mint Media will own and administer all of football star Cristiano Ronaldo’s image rights, except for those related to Real Madrid, for six years.”

Billionaire Peter Lim’s company acquires Ronaldo’s image rights – CNA

If you arent quite sure what this means, here it is defined: The right of publicity, often called personality rights, is the right of an individual to control the commercial use of his or her name, image, likeness, or other unequivocal aspects of one’s identity.

One of the most common examples, of a celebrity image rights deals would be the famous George Foreman and George Foreman grills great deal of the past.

He sold his image and name rights to some random company for close to $140m USD and then the Foreman Grill became the most popular thing in the history of the planet.

He got a check in the beginning, a company found something to throw his name on, and they made a ton of dough too.

With the Cristiano deal, its obviously not quite the same since Real Madrid still retains some image rights of his, and this is just for his image rights, but this could be something very very lucrative as one could imagine.

We talked about a week ago about Jerome Boatend signing with Roc Nation for management in the United States and looking to appeal to a broader audience, and everyone knows that the two great frontiers coveted most based on population and marketing opportunities are the United States and Asia, and not particularly in that order.

Seems like another genius move to me by Cristiano.

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Petr Cech in ARSENAL gear

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Get your new 2015/16 fanwear here:

Posted by Arsenal on Monday, June 29, 2015

Petr Cech has agreed to join Arsenal from Chelsea on a long-term contract for an undisclosed fee. *

The 33-year-old goalkeeper made over 400 appearances during 11 years at Stamford Bridge, winning multiple club and personal honours. He also won the Premier League Golden Glove award on three occasions.

Cech has completed his medical and will join up with his new team-mates shortly to begin preparations for the 2015/16 season.

* Multiple reports suggest that Cech signed with Arsenal for a fee of around £11 million ($17.3m USD)

Here is Cech in his Arsenal kit

Petr Cech also wrote a long form personal letter to Chelsea supporters:

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The Movement of MLS

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The rumors around Andrea Pirlo coming to MLS to ply his trade at NYCFC have been ongoing for awhile now. Yesterday he was spotted at the NYCFC v Red Bulls match and earlier in the week he was at a Yankees game. He would be an incredible addition to NYCFC, the league and to the overall momentum that soccer in America has right now.

If the rumors prove to be true, Pirlo would be joining MLS the same month as Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. That’s three hugely successful guys all joining MLS in the exact same month. And they will be joining players like Kaka, Robbie Keane and David Villa. That’s a solid stable of players that bring international attention and credibility to a league that is clearly growing. Plus, I’m pretty sure there will be at least one more DP announced this summer.

These international stars are joined by America’s bbiggest players who have come to MLS after European adventures. Clint, Jozy, Bradley, Brek, Jermaine and Mix have all left Europe and brought their talents to MLS. I read an article yesterday that quoted Aron Johannsson as saying he is excited to come to MLS and play. And sooner rather than later. And these experienced American stars are joined by a young group of players (see the U-20 World Cup team) that are very talented and that will be pushing the level of play in MLS higher and higher in coming years.

I saw another piece yesterday that mentioned the possibility of both Gio dos Santos and Chicharito coming to MLS. I have been on that Chicharito to MLS for a minute now. Both of these would be absolutely massive for the league and for the continued growth of the sport in the US. I can’t even begin to imagine the type of attention these guys could generate, specifically from the ever growing Hispanic fanbase. Chicharito alone would drive this league to new heights.

All this adds up to something pretty great. The league often gets shade thrown at it from people saying it isn’t comparable to leagues in Europe. And while these people have been saying that, MLS has continued to make strategic moves both on and off the field. And the league is no doubt a growing league that is becoming an even more attractive place for global stars to come and play.

It’s easy to knock the league and American soccer, but it’s also naive and becoming an increasingly outdated point of view. MLS might not be the biggest or best league in the world, but I don’t know many other leagues that have a similar growth projection. There is a movement with soccer in the US that is taking place both on and off the field. It’s taken quite awhile to see these things happen, but it’s happening. And there is no longer anyway to hold the sport back.

Andrea Pirlo, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard will all play their part in seeing the growth continue. And when Cristiano Ronaldo comes to MLS in the next couple of years…

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Chelsea FC Confirms Petr Cech Permanent Transfer to ARSENAL

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via Chelsea

Chelsea Football Club has today (Monday) agreed terms with Arsenal for the permanent transfer of Petr Cech.

Chelsea Football Club thanks Petr for his fantastic service over the past 11 years, and in particular for his immense contribution to our success in that time.

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Video :: Portland’s EPIC “TIMBERS WONDERLAND” Tifo against Seattle for Rivalry Week

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When you play a rival like Seattle Sounders FC, you have to bring the right tifo. The Timbers Army certainly knows that, eh?

Posted by Portland Timbers on Sunday, June 28, 2015

I love TIFO’s. I love where there are big games, and the TIFO crews from all over prepare some of their best work for the rivals.

This, is a special one. I saw it on the tele and could only imagine what it looked like in real life.

Well done Portland.

Walking in a Timbers Wonderland. #RCTID

A photo posted by Portland Timbers (@timbersfc) on

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Watch :: MLS Plays of the Night from Week 17

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Don’t miss the 10 best plays from Week 17 Saturday action in Plays of the Night, presented by Wells Fargo. Who got it done?

Check out full game highlights over at

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Video :: Megan Rapinoe Speaks with ESPN Sportscenter from Women’s World Cup

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Megan Rapinoe, my favorite, patched in to ESPN to talk WWC, the team and their mindset coming in to the semis, how she’s feeling after sitting out the match against China and looking forward to playing Germany in a huge game on Tuesday.

Let’s go ladies! We Believe!

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New Music Alert :: “noose” – Dez

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Suuuuuuuuuper random.

So this kid here, is a close friend of one of my youngins, a kid that I’ve known since he was like 5 or something and now is more like my little brother.

This is his ace, his homie, the cat that he constantly jokes with.

I knew that he did music, but I didn’t really hear any of it because whenever we kicked it, and now that they are all like 23 or 24, I just proceed to drink all of them and their new-to-drinking-real-alcohol crew under the table.

So anyways, I happened to be on P+P today, and saw him in the “5 On It” feature that they do weekly.

And this shit is a heater.

Follow him because he’s got bars and will be making some noise guys.

Plus, he’s from the 818.

* He doesn’t want to see me in FIFA though … you may remember him from FIFA Friday

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