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If you’ve been reading The Original Winger for awhile now, you’re more than familiar with the name Clive Charles.

Ben and I both were incredibly fortunate enough to travel the world and be a part of Clive’s US U-23 squad back in the day.  And those memories both on and off the field are something we’re constantly bringing up and using as motivation as we continue to evolve as a company.

Each and every player that has played for Clive has their own personal story of how he impacted their lives both on and off the field, as well as some of the classics like this one – You Ain’t Going To Manchester United!

Clive Charles was the best coach I’ve ever played for, but he taught me even more about being a man off the field.  The United States lost one of the best coaches this country has ever seen back in 2003 and a lot of us miss him more than we ever thought we possibly could.

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Make sure to get out to a theater around you the weekend of September 12th to check out the movie Believe which touches on the importance of the roles that players and coaches play in each others lives.

Support those that support soccer.

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Neymar Jr. Project Institute in Santos is Almost Complete

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neymar jr sports institute

Here is an aerial picture of part of the soon to open Neymar Jr. Project Institute – a football stadium, swimming pool all year round, sports halls, dining halls, classrooms, health services, cardiology, dental, and other units which open to 800 students in October and eventually have about 2,500 students.

The institute is a collaboration between The FC Barcelona Foundation and the Neymar Jr. Project Institute who signed an agreement in 2013 to work together in the implementation of projects that promote sport as a tool for social integration for young people.

The agreement between the two will benefit children who form part of the Institute, and in South American countries where the Barcelona Foundation is present. The project is not only about sport but will also promote academic performance of its 2,500 students, providing extra classes and other educational activities.

The FC Barcelona Foundation invested in the construction of the site, purchased much of the equipment and will start off by holding football sessions at the Institute with FC Barcelona Foundation’s project “FutbolNet”.

* This is one of those awesome things that I like about soccer and some of the best players and some of the guys that make a lot of money in the game. One of the things that I have noticed, and one of the things that Ben and I have had pretty extensive conversations about is just how much these guys give back and how much they do in the communities. The one thing that is very apparent, is that many of the world best soccer players dont come from privileged backgrounds. Often, as you know, it is quite the opposite. And to the extremist of all circumstances.

I have seen, that in a lot of times, not only do these guys give back their time through appearances and coming home, but they also put a ton of money where their mouth is. And its great. The first time I heard about something like this, remember that I am newish to soccer, was when Didier Drogba announced that he wanted to build a hospital in his hometown… then after thinking it over with some sponsors and backers, he decided that one big hospital wouldn’t help as many people as he could, so they reworked the plan to build 5 smaller hospitals in different regions so that more people could be helped.

There are stories about Cristiano Ronaldo flying all over the world to meet with cancer stricken children and donating to different causes and even kicking down a couple hundred grrr to the hospital that treated his mother for cancer. Another one of the most recent examples was Mesuit Ozil kicking down his World Cup money to help fund operations for 11 sick children in Brazil and how that has motivated him to donate even more money. Mario Balotelli has donated time and fees to help build schools in the Sudan to benefit and give kids an alternative to war.

Its not that athletes in America don’t do these sorts of things because we definitely see it here too, but one of the things that is particular about when you see it around the world, is that the effect is amplified in other countries. Obviously any and all donations and charitable efforts have an effect, but I have to guess that donations in more rural areas and poorer parts of some of these countries results in a magnified benefit. Think about it, the example with Didier, was him giving about $3m of his own money and getting help from Pepsi and other sponsors to make up the rest…. but he is build FIVE HOSPITALS with that money! That so impressive its crazy.

Something like the Neymar Jr. Project Institute will be great. Because you can look at it cynically and think that these sorts of academies are set up by big clubs around the world so that they can get a foothold on kids early and expose them to your style of play and brand and hopefully get a kid down the road that is super talented that will help the team. On some level, that may even be true…. but I think it is like two hundred and thirty-seventh on the list of reasons to do something like this. Even if there is one kid, who cares, because the tens of thousand kids that will get an education and escape from a moment of poverty and hardship will be affected for the rest of their lives because of this.

we may get on athletes all the time for spending money and their time living a life that they want to show on twitter and ig… but I think when we promote that stuff, we should promote this stuff too.

FC Barcelona Foundation and Neymar Jr. Project Institute to collaborate via official site

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“Derek Jeter Day” Retirement Ceremony : Random Soccer in Random Places #NASA

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200 miles above Earth, NASA astronauts Steve Swanson, Reid Weisman and Alex Gurst tip their hat to Derek Jeter on Derek Jeter Day

* This actually isn’t so random, because we’ve seen the German international astronaut rocking that Germany kit on the pages of TOW before… but now I’m starting to think: Does he ever take that thing off? Or, is it one of those things where he wears it when he knows he will be on the internets into infinity.

german jersey derek jeter

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Awesome German World Cup Star TIFO During EURO 2016 Qualifying

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At Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany, the World Cup champions are taking on Scotland in qualifying for the 2016 European Championships and they brought out this beauty. The Germans are looking to rebound from a 4 – 2 friendly loss to Argentina just a few days ago, and they are playing without Mesut Ozil and Bastian Schweinsteiger … even still, they are up early and look to have this one in hand. this looks like it will be a hard fought match until then end, that may even end up in a draw….

* Not necessarily a TIFO, but yeah….

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U.S. WNT getting Ready in Utah Ahead of Mexico Friendlies and WC Qualifying

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The U.S. Women’s National Team has begun its first training camp since the end of the NWSL season as 28 players prepare for two September matches against Mexico as well as the 2014 CONCACAF Women’s Championship in October

US WNT is playing Mexico at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah next week on September 13 and then a quick turnaround to Sahlen’s Stadium in Rochester, N.Y. on September 18. Tickets available.

September 13 ticket info at Rio Tinto
September 18 ticket info at Sahlen’s Stadium

* If you look reeeeeally closely, I think you can see Dunny scaling the side of that mountain.

uswnt in utah 1

Side note, I think I have but I don’t know if I’ve expressed this here on TOW yet, but Christen Press is up next. Get ready to see a lot more of her leading up to the Women’s World Cup.

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Must See Thierry Henry Goal vs. Sporting KC

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I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched a ton of MLS today on the big screen. It was relegated to the iPad (MLS Live!) because the TV was dedicated to college football…. but when I saw this come over the pad, I had to go find this highlight and the game on the mac.

My mac is one of those big jawns so even though I didn’t see this on tv, I saw it on a big screen….

This video only has 250 views right now, but just wait, because there is NO WAY that this doesn’t get on Sportscenter and Fox Sports Live tonight, which will have people looking for this one. I can’t wait to see it on the TV.

Goodness gracious, this cat is something else…

thierry henry goal

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Drake, Marcelo, Neymar and Friends Hanging Out in Miami….

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“Miami nights honored to meet this man @neymarjr…. And this man @marcelotwelve life is too crazy…going up” – Champagne on IG

Sooooo, Brazil is playing Colombia at Sun Life Stadium tomorrow in Miami. Looks like they were down to blow off a little bit of steam and hang out with another city of Miami aficianado, Drizzy Drake. The game is a friendly. No need to not take advantage of being in MIA….

drake marcelo neymar

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Watch :: Arsenal FC Help in the Fight Against Homophobia in Football #RainbowLaces

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FA Cup winners Arsenal, Paddy Power, Stonewall and the Gay Football Supporters’ Network have again teamed up to help tackle one of the toughest challenges in sport: homophobia in football.

Following last years campaign where players from 52 clubs across the UK laced up to show their support for gay players the rainbow colored boot laces are back and have been dispatched to every single professional player in the UK, including youth and women’s teams, alongside deliveries to all MPs and leading political figures.

This year Stonewall is asking everyone to show their support by lacing up over the 13th and 14th of September which they have dubbed, Rainbow Lace weekend.

Fans and grass-root players will also be asked to tweet their support using the official hashtag: #RainbowLaces.

arsenal rainbow laces

For more information on what you can do to help, or to find out more about what Stonewall does in the community, head over here to the Stonewall official website for more information.

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