Watch :: Kobe Bryant Diagnosis with Torn Rotator Cuff + Some thoughts on Injuries, Athletes, Surgery

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kobe shoulder diagnosis

Watch the Kobe video at The Players Tribune – Usually, I’m a hater if content is made unavailable for other websites to post and link back to, but I will make an exception here because its something a little different. They still get the hits and video plays and they can use those numbers for advertising, but I digress. Anyways.

I’m posting this for two reasons, 1) Noted soccer supporter / LA Laker / Top 5 player imho of all time Kobe Bryant possibly having to come to the realization that his playing career may be over and 2) its incredibly interesting video of a big time athlete getting diagnosed with a season-ending injury I think can start a discussion and give us a some insight to a much bigger and fun discussion of athletes pain threshold, injuries, surgeries and expectations.

The bigger discussion, and what hit me like a ton of bricks is just how at ease and calm he is as he’s going through a battery of tests and being told that a muscle has ripped apart from the bone in his shoulder. The doctor even says something interesting: “The thing I can’t tell is how long you’ve had this injury.” Wait, what… so basically, he’s been playing with this for weeks, possibly months, and some trauma happened recently that “completed” the injury?


The diagnosis and calmness about saying its torn, I get, because he’s had many injuries over his career (as a ton of athletes have) and at some point you know your body is jacked up and you take it with a grain of salt.

When we hear and read about athletes saying that they are always in pain, or that there is a difference between being hurt and injured, is very interesting because what is the line? And on a macro level, what is the difference between a Kobe Bryant type, other elite athletes, good athletes, bad athletes, etc.

Is it all mental? Is it genetics? Is it a learned thing? Is it need and want based? Is it some kind of weird emotional thing? Is it some kind of mental illness type of thing (not in a bad way, but in a wired differently type of way).

That’s one thing, the other thing that I’ve always been really impressed with, is just how willing athletes are to get surgery. Its surprising to me that guys repeatedly go under the knife and that its something that is expected on a lot of levels and something that we as supporters and fans don’t even think about…. these guys are getting fucking surgery.

I’ve never had a surgery. I hope to never have to have a surgery. Personally, I’m scared to death of surgery. I’m surprised that more guys don’t balk at having to have surgery.

Surgery is really hard on your body. Mentally and physically. Surgery is dangerous. Recovery is hard and dangerous. In real life, surgery I suppose, is always the last option. But for athletes, its different.

Maybe its the drive of competition, and wanting to help out your team and teammates, that you want to get back whole again as soon as possible and surgery is the best option. Maybe its because athletes are going to have the absolute best care available, and they deal with the physio everyday, so it makes it easier to comprehend. Maybe its something that is in contracts or in CBA’s, that in the case of an injury, they have to make a good faith effort to be remedied as soon as possible.

Obviously, there are situations where surgery is the only option so you have to get it… Obviously, there are cases where if you don’t get surgery, natural healing, could inhibit your ability to perform, so you have to do surgery. But, I’m just typing out stuff, because the video is so interesting.

Dunny was a top level athlete. He’s been injured and has had surgery, and expected to get back in tip top, I’m going to ask him about it from a players perspective and he’ll get in here and write some stuff up about after he calls a game today….

~~  I wake up in pain every single morning…. I can barely stand up straight when getting out of bed most mornings… I can still run / jog / play soccer / mountain bike / Tough Mudder… But the next morning is awful.

I understand COMPLETELY when ex-athletes reach for the bottle… Or the medicinal… Because it takes the edge off the constant pain reminder throughout the day.  Don’t let this confuse you for a single second – I’d do it all over 100% of the time.  But after one 14 month cycle, I had knee meniscus surgery, 5th metetarsal surgey, 5th metetarsal surgery again + a bone graft out of my hip and now for the last 10 years have been contemplating back surgery for a broken L4 & L5, I had to walk away from the game.  And then there are the six concussions I suffered when I was playing….

Every athlete plays through pain.  Most take medication to deal with it.  Some struggle with it behind the scenes more than you realize…..  Always keep that in mind.

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Watch :: Conradinho tries to get drafted : Goes to NSCAA Convention

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Jimmy “Conradinho” Conrad never got drafted out of college. So he’s heading to the MLS SuperDraft to try and knock that off his bucket list. – KICKtv

More great stuff from KickTV and Jimmy.

Hey, who are these guys?

conradinho superdraft

For that book you saw, get a preview here at Amazon:

Coaching People in Sports Paperback – March 3, 2015, by Lee Hancock

Its not out yet, but there will be a BP_TOW book club review soon.

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Nike Air Max 90 Essential :: Lightbone

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Nike Bone

~~  Loving all of the colors used on these Nike Air Max 90′s… So. Clean.

A good look at the Lightbone color way drop in the Nike Air Max 90 Essential, spotted and available over at CaliRoots.

Nike Bone0

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Red Band Trailer :: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

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Condensed red band trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine shows R-rated dialogue for the film.

Five years ago the laws of space and time were violated and our world was changed forever. This year the future isn’t what it used to be.

Release: February 20, 2015
Cast: Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke

Trailer - Hot Tub

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Andreas Herzog Named US U-23 Head Coach

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~~  Makes sense on so many levels right now…. When you take a look at the current January Camp of USMNT’ers, you get an idea of the identification process of who potentially could be the building blocks of the US Olympic Team.

via USSoccer

U.S. Men’s National Team assistant coach Andreas “Andi” Herzog has been named the head coach of the U.S. Under-23 Men’s National Team. Herzog will lead the group that will begin the qualification process this fall for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“Andi brings a wealth of experience at the international level as a player and a coach,” said U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati. “In his years with the National Team he has developed a thorough understanding of our system, and we are confident that he is the right coach to accomplish our goal of reaching and succeeding in the Olympic Games.”

Herzog has already played an integral role in the USA’s early Olympic preparations by helping head multiple U-23 MNT camps last year in Brazil and the Bahamas, as well as a U-21 camp in April of 2014.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to coach the U.S. Under-23 National Team,” said Herzog. “We recognize the special place that the Olympic Games have in this country and we are committed as a group to qualifying for Rio in 2016. We look forward to putting together a team that will make all Americans proud. We also know it’s a part of our responsibility to develop players who will be able to contribute to the senior National Team, and that process has already begun.”

Herzog played professionally for 18 years and earned more than 100 caps with Austria’s national team. The two-time FIFA World Cup veteran (1990 and 1998) transitioned to the coaching realm in 2005. He served as Austria’s U-21 coach from 2009-11, and was also an assistant coach for Austria’s senior national team.

In December of 2011, U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann named Herzog his assistant coach with the MNT. The 46-year-old becomes the third senior team assistant coach in four cycles to take charge of the U-23s, following Glenn “Mooch” Myernick in 2004 and Peter Nowak in 2008.

“Andi has plenty of experience and knowledge in order to prepare this group for the international level,” said Klinsmann, who is also U.S. Soccer’s Technical Director. “As a former coach of the U-21 Austria team, he has a lot of experience connecting to the younger generation of players. Having been with the senior National Team these past years, he understands the challenges of putting together a team with players coming from all over. Andi is absolutely ready to step into this role, and he deserves this opportunity.”

As a player, Herzog was a former teammate of Klinsmann at German Bundesliga club Bayern Munich, where the two celebrated winning a UEFA Cup championship in 1996. Herzog capped off his professional career with Major League Soccer’s LA Galaxy in 2004.

On the international front, Herzog is Austria’s leading capwinner, having made 103 appearances and scoring 26 goals for Austria from 1988-2003.

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Video Alert :: “Detroit Vs. Everybody” – Eminem, Royce da 5’9″, Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, Trick Trick

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Love Detroit.
Love everything about this song and video.

detroit vs everybody

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National Soccer Hall of Fame member, former U.S. Men’s National Team head coach and current LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena is the 2014 recipient of the prestigious Werner Fricker Builder Award.

The highest honor that an individual can receive from the U.S. Soccer Federation, the Werner Fricker Award is bestowed on an individual who has worked tirelessly on furthering the interest of the sport of soccer without regard to personal recognition or advancement. The award honors those who created or fostered programs that will outlast their own active involvement in the sport and who have established a lasting legacy in the history and structure of soccer in the United States.

This is awesome and well deserved. Congrats from the BP_TOW family.

Read the full presser at us soccer dot com

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MLB HOF’er Ken Griffey Jr. is Orlando City SC’s 10,000th Season Ticket Holder

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Excited to announce that Ken Griffey Jr. has become our 10,000th season ticket holder! #TheKid #LionNation #SocietyXXI

A photo posted by Orlando City SC (@orlandocitysc) on

“I’m very excited to be a season ticket member for Orlando City,” said Griffey Jr. “I’ve played professional baseball in many cities where soccer is a big success*, and the buzz here for Orlando City is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. My family and I are anticipating the arrival of Major League Soccer in Central Florida.”

Orlando City Soccer Club announced today that it has sold 10,000 season tickets for the inaugural 2015 Major League Soccer (MLS) campaign.

Additionally, 13-time Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Ken Griffey Jr. was recognized as the 10,000th Central Florida resident to purchase season tickets. Griffey Jr. – a lifelong sports fan – has been a resident of Central Florida for nearly 20 years.

Ken Griffey Jr. Becomes Orlando City’s 10,000th Season Ticket Member –

* Grif played the majority of his major league career in Seattle.

* Not a HOF’er yet, he retired in 2010. He will get in this year after the 5 year waiting period.

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