Nike SB Free QS (Rose City) – Fortress Green

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Nike City

~~  It’s dumping on the East Coast seemingly every single week, but out in the West…. The sun is shining.

Which brings us to these…. A good look at the Fortress Green / Black / Gym Red color way drop in the Nike SB Free QS (Rose City), spotted and available over at Premier.

Nike City0

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Bordeaux Fans Celebrate Their Team With Dust

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If you are wondering why the Bordeaux fans behind the goal are all wearing clear panchos, just wait about 22 seconds in to this video. These fans came up with a new way to celebrate their club, and that was by launching rainbow colored dust into the sky. Looks rad. Not sure the meaning behind it, but it looks great. And I’m sure they had a ton of fun with it.

I feel like there is more they could do here. Seems like a great opportunity to get Skittles on board and bring their “taste the rainbow” campaign to this. Explode some rainbow dust followed by Skittles raining down on the fans. That would certainly get people talking. Nots sure what it would have to do with soccer, but who wouldn’t love a brief rainfall of Skittles.

Anyway, good stuff from the Bordeaux fans. I wonder if they have something else planned soon?


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Heineken :: #ChampionTheMatch – Two Choices

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~~  Absolutely loving the build up to this….. We all know what we’d choose, but convincing the boss?!?  That’s a whole different animal.

Think about that for a second… Could you convince your boss to drop EVERYTHING, get on a plane and head out to Barcelona?

Would you drop everything to fly to a Champions League Match in Barcelona? What if you had to convince your boss to go with you? See if these soccer fans can come away with a victory.


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Should There Be A Brand Jordan Soccer Athlete

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Let’s start off by stating the obvious – everyone associated with this site are big soccer and sneaker heads. So whatever I happen to say during the rest of this story, go ahead and keep those two little facts in mind. As there may be some bias in my rationale. With that said, should there be a professional soccer player on the Brand Jordan roster?

This question has been posed around here before. It’s come up in conversations. I can remember ISPS and I having this conversation on more than one occasion. After seeing all the hype around the NBA All Star weekend, it got me thinking about this particular issue again. Should there be a professional soccer player on Brand Jordan?


Michael Jordan is probably the athlete that has transcended sport like no other. Yes, guys like Pele are as big as they get and are global megastars. But Jordan is the one guy, the one athlete that has created a brand, and whose brand is applicable to sport and culture at large. Jordan products are equally at home on the court or field of competition and in the streets. And the association that people have with Jordan brings an almost instant credibility.

Now I know you may be thinking that Jordan is all basketball. And there is a lot of truth to that. From a performance perspective, Jordan and his brand are no doubt rooted in basketball. But, in recent years, Brand Jordan has broadened their once basketball only horizons and have been picking up athletes from other sports. These include but are not limited to the following athletes and sports:

- Derek Jeter, Mike Trout and CC Sabathia (baseball)
- Michael Crabtree, Dez Bryant and Earl Thomas (American football)
- April Holmes (track)
- Roy Jones Jr. and Andre Ward (boxing)
- Denny Hamlin (NASCAR)
- Keegan Bradley (golf)

As you can see, the roster includes folks well outside of basketball. And truth be told, basketball and soccer fit pretty well together. At least I think so.

Just look at what Kobe Bryant and Nike did when they released the Kobe IV that was a low top silhouette. This Kobe, and many since, have taken their low top silhouette from that of a soccer boot. So there is, in fact, inspiration that is shared between both sports in terms of design and functionality.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has gone so far as to say that he would like to see a mid season style “soccer” tournament to take place in the NBA. From ProBasketballTalk:

“I and others at the league office have spent a lot of time studying the Champions League for European soccer and other types of cups and mid-season tournaments,” Silver said in the interview. “Now there there’s a long tradition, but maybe there’s the opportunity to create a new tradition. And to create more competitions. Right now everything is about the Larry O’Brien trophy but soccer operates a little differently, they have different cups, which may not be as important as the championship but in their own right are highly significant. 

“Those are not the kinds of changes that are going to happen in a year, or maybe even in two or three years, but they are the kinds of development for the league that needs to be studied over time.”

The NBA is seeing many more athletes from different countries in the league. And many of them have shown a love for the beautiful game. And soccer players are regularly seen at basketball games. Just ask David Beckham and Thierry Henry. Timmy Howard has been spotted at basketball games too. Lots of soccer players have been.

Steve Nash is a huge soccer guy. So much so that he is a minority owner in the Vancouver Whitecaps. Lebron has a piece of Liverpool FC. There has been talk of Kobe joining a group to buy an Italian team. European soccer clubs are trying to get a piece of the American market while NBA teams are trying to get a piece of the European market.

Soccer + basketball do in fact, compliment each other quite well.

So why not have a soccer player on the Brand Jordan roster? I think it makes sense. I do however, think it would have to be just the right athlete. This athlete would need to personify a couple of things. They would need to be a certain type of player. As much as I typically don’t like this word, they would need to have “swag”. A certain sense of who they are and their own style. Neymar maybe? I know he’s already a Nike guy. But that type of dude would be bananas as the first Brand Jordan soccer player. Then again, maybe the flagship soccer player on Brand Jordan should be an American player. I have a specific player in mind, but he’s attached to a different brand. So I think he’s out. Maybe you go with Sydney Leroux. She’s got style and game to spare. She would be rad.

Sydney showed off some J’s recently on her Instagram.


Thank you @jumpman23 for my early Christmas present! ????????

A photo posted by Sydney Leroux (@sydneyleroux) on

Anyway, let’s talk product.

Imagine these, not as Tiempos, but reimagined as soccer boots. These even got classic leather uppers. Yup.


Check out these golf shoes that Keegan Bradley wore. Elephant print with a gold Jumpman? Fire.


Put some elephant print and a Jumpman logo on a pair of boots and count me the f*&k in. I would definitely be down to try that out.

Remember these? Switch out the safari print for the elephant print. Giddyup!


Many people (us included) are doing all kinds of things to help showcase the sport in a different light. To help try and make it a l little bit more “cool” I suppose. To help present the sport through a different lens than maybe it has been presented over the years.

Michael Jordan and Brand Jordan on the other hand, have always embodied cool. While being known as the best on the court, Jordan’s have also been the pinnacle sneaker in the lifestyle world as well.

Soccer certainly seems to be in it’s ascendency in the US right now. It’s more popular (especially with younger people – kind of like Jordan’s) than it has ever been. It seems like a perfect time to bring something like this to market.

There are already sneakers (see the above Tiempos) that could be included as part of the Jordan Soccer (Futbol?) collection. Get some boots designed based on heritage Jordan elements and Nike know how. Nike already designs some of the best boots on the market, so just collaborate with Nike Soccer on the boots. Or bring a Nike Soccer boot designer over to Brand Jordan for a bit. Merchandise the collection around a fresh windbreaker style training jacket, a couple of t-shirts, a hoodie or two and you are well on your way.

So I leave you with this:

Should There Be A Brand Jordan Soccer Athlete

Oh, and Brand Jordan – I’m here if you want to chat. Just sayin’…

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Freddy ADU Hosts a Nightclub : Internets Go Crazy

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freddy adu shadow room dc

The internets were on fire as this picture above appeared on a popular Washington DC nightclubs facebook page.

It shows our guy Freddy Adu, who once had the moniker and burden of being called the next Pele, and the honor and burden of being the youngest ever United States athlete to sign a professional sports contact at aged 14, as the host for the night at the club.

As the internet will do, folks jumped at the opportunity to make it out as if he has fallen on hard times and is now out being a nightclub promoter.

Freddy, had to take to twitter to let people know that he is all good (not that there is anything wrong with being a nightclub promoter) and that he was just hosting at the spot for the night. *

freddy adu promoter denial

Personal opinion alert, this isn’t a whole lot of anything. Quiet as kept, hosting a nightclub, if you have “a name” is good business. All you have to do is put your name and pic on the flyer, show up and get free drinks and smile, and then you get a couple of racks just for showing up. They can be big racks or little racks…. how do you think all of those MTV characters and reality show chicks stay in nice cars and have pretty tight cribs.

I can imagine that this is a club that is owned by one of his boys and his guy needed a little bit of help to get it crackin… no one in their right mind will turn down easy bread like that, so Freddy though, “why not.” He should have known though, this is the internet.

The only thing that makes this a little interesting, to me, is that it seems like an ongoing host thing and it says “THURSDAYS” (plural) and not singular so this is not just a one off gig.

Shouts out to our guy B. Cox for the heads up

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Nike Unveils US National Team 2015 Away Kit

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Today Nike unveils the 2015 away kit for the US National Teams. The women will be the first team up to wear the jersey when they travel to Portugal for the Algarve Cup March 4-11. The jersey prominently features two white stars above the team badge to represent the two World Cups that they have won – the first Women’s World Cup in 1991 and their triumphant World Cup victory in 1999.


“The new kit was designed to showcase the USA’s tremendous sense of national pride as well as their distinct sense of style, while also capturing the nation’s eternal optimism for achieving greatness,” said Martin Lotti, Creative Director for Nike Soccer.

The U.S. Men’s National Team will wear the kit for the first time on March 25 in a friendly against Switzerland.


The new away jersey has a distinct contemporary style, featuring a gradient graphic on the entire front and back of the shirt designed to creates a sense of continual movement. The graphic starts in white at the shoulders, gradually blending with a series of light rays before intensifying to deep blue at the hem.

Along each side of the jersey is a wide white stripe, which extends to the shorts. When players are in motion, the stripe moves to accentuate the natural contours of their bodies and accentuate their speed.

The jersey also boasts a new signature clean and modern V–neck collar that blends with the shirt’s gradient graphic, and features a red triangle insert at the front to ensure all three of the USA’s national colors are represented in the kit.


Inside the back of the neck is a pennant tab featuring 13 red and white stripes to represent the original colonies that declared independence and formed the first states.

Players’ names and numbers on the back of the jersey appear in a unique, specially designed font that is modern, angular and directly influenced by U.S. college and varsity sports. 

The new away shorts are in dark blue with a white stripe along both sides to sync with the shirt.

The women will wear a new gradient away sock that matches their jersey - dark blue with a wide tonal stripe of chevrons on the calf at the back. The men will wear a dark blue sock without the gradient design. 


Nike took 3-D body scans of many of the world’s leading soccer players to create a kit with the perfect fit. The fit allows the body to move more naturally within the kit to effortlessly improve players’ comfort and performance. 

The Nike Elite Match fit sock also boasts a sleek design created especially for soccer. Nike’s designers gathered insights from many of today’s elite players to pinpoint what they want from a sock during a game.

Strategically cushioned zones help provide comfort and protection around the big toe and the anklebones where the majority of impact occurs, while arch support provides a firm foundation for the foot to prevent slipping.

The sock features less material to enhance players’ touch, while flex grooves on the ankle and top of the foot prevent bunching.

The USA jerseys are available exclusively in the Nike Soccer App ( beginning Feb. 16 and will be in Nike stores and on from Feb.18.

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WATCH :: Barcelona’s Luis Suarez with the bicycle GOLAZO! against Levante

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Quite a day for Barcelona at Camp Nou as Lionel Messi scored another hat-trick in his 300th Primera Division match, Neymar scored a beautiful volley on the cross from Lio, and Luis Suarez did something pretty nice himself as Barcelona broke off a piece in Levante, 5-0 on Sunday.

luis suarez bicycle

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Video :: Messi to Neymar – volley goal against Levante

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Scoring the opening goal for Barcelona to put them up one against Levante, Neymar finishes with the right footed shot from the left side of the six yard box to the bottom right corner on the incredible cross from Lionel Messi.

* Borderline video game shit at times with these two!

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