Cristiano Ronaldo Will Be First Athlete to Pass 100m Facebook Likes

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cristiano 100m facebook

….AND, he will be only the second person to do it.

Currently Shakira is the only actual person to have passed the 100 million likes status on FACEBOOK having passed it in July of this year and being met with a congratulatory wall post from Founder Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook as an app has the most likes at over 511m, and Facebook the brand has 164m.

Cristiano, right now, is at 99.5 million likes and gaining about 100k likes per day, meaning he will knock it out over the weekend.

To put this in perspective, Shakira is currently around 104m, Eminem is at 95.4m, Rihanna is at almost 90m. Katy Perry and Justin Beiber are around 75 million, Lionel Messi and Will smith are both just over 73m.

David Beckham is at a distant 49 million. Interestingly enough, FC Barcelona is holding its own with a strong 76 million likes.

I don’t know exactly what this all means.

To see the Top 100 Facebook Fan Pages, go here.

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Alessandra Ambrosio and Barcelona Players star in HYPERFLEX Jeans Commercial

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Replay changes the rules of jeans by stretching the limits of the manufacturing process. The Replay Hyperflex collection is an innovative product where the stretch denim experience attains smart new heights. Complete ease of motion, great shape retention, a luxurious feel: ready to Stretch Your Limits?

hyperflex barca commercial

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so confused about a commercial. I mean, I get it, Barcelona is a partner with HYPERFLEX and maybe they wear more skinny leg jeans per capita in Spain than they do in other parts of the world and yes, and twerking is a great way to sell jeans, and any commercial where we get twin Alessandra Ambrosio’s must be a good thing….


….you know what, I don’t care, I’m just going to watch the commercial again.

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Rock The Vote Presents: #TURNOUTFORWHAT

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Rock The Vote Presents #TURNOUTFORWHAT starring Lil Jon and featuring Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Natasha Lyonne, Fred Armisen, E.J. Johnson, Darren Criss, Sophia Bush, Ireland Baldwin, Devendra Banhart, Ioanna Gika and Gabriel Valenciano.

* Fred Armisen makes the best point in the whole damb video.

** Personal Opinion Alert **

We don’t choose sides here on TOW, because that is not what we do. This isnt the place for that – and you can probably see that this video and campaign is definitely skewed one way, but I posted this video to make a couple of points. One, you have to see Lena Dunham dancing. I’m at a loss for words on that. Two, I think that voting matters. But in my opinion, not the voting in the way that you may think.

I think that smaller elections, are much more important than the big presidential election every four years.

Presidential elections, although wildly important only affect us individually mostly on a macro level. Smaller elections, local elections, elections on ballot measures and initiatives that directly change y(our) lives on an everyday basis are the most important things that we can ever vote on. Ironically, those are the elections that have the least turnout because they don’t have the same PR mechanisms and dollars behind them that big campaigns do.

So, do yourself a favor WHICHEVER WAY YOU CHOOSE TO VOTE and don’t just throw that voter registration pamphlet out the next time it comes in the mail. Look at it. Look at the measures proposed and what people are doing in your community. You will be surprised at what is happening around you. Plus, you can’t complain about the way something is going if you don’t vote on it.

(H/t to Conradinho for tweeting the video)

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Kei Kamara Returns To MLS and Columbus Crew

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Kei Kamara annouced via Twitter that he is heading back to MLS and returning to the Columbus Crew. Kei was originally drafted by Columbus back in 2009 and returns where it all started for him in MLS.

Tomorrow the Crew will unveil a whole new brand identity for the club so this announcement is the first of what looks like will be a very big weekend for the Crew. Kei has appeared in just under 200 MLS games and netted 52 goals. He is a proven goalscorer in MLS and one really good dude. I’m sure Columbus fans are ecstatic to have him back.

Best of luck to you Kei. Welcome back!


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The FIFA Movie ‘United Passions’ Isn’t Doing So Well….

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~~  I’ll just let you take a look at this AP story…….  Seems like $27 million could have gone a long way for some other much needed projects….

Trailer - FIFA

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David Lynch Confirms Twin Peaks Return

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Can’t tell you how many nights I spent sitting on the couch next to Big Rog watching this show….. So many great episodes.

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Mario Balotelli Shouts Him Out : Micah Richard on Instagram

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My twin!!! @micah_richards_ is on instagram! Let's follow him????????

View on Instagram


* Can we find a way to get the two of these guys on a buddy reality tv show during the off-season? They could probably sell it pay-per-view. Or put it on HBO. I’d tune in every week!

* Micah Richards is now on instagram @micah_richards_

* He’s starting off chill, but I have no doubt that he will soon be blowing us away. #nochill

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Roberto Di Matteo Gets FC Schalke 04 Gig

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According to reports (and official twitter), Former Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion boss Roberto Di Matteo has been tapped as the new manager of German club Schalke. Shalke announced the sacking of Jens Keller and hiring of Roberto via their twitter account.

* Interestingly enough, Schalke face Chelsea in the Champions League on November 25

* Small side note, Di Matteo was being paid £130,000-a-week until June 2014 by Chelsea.

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