Mario Balotelli thanks Liverpool fans for holding him back after “The Smalling Incident”

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This was a very interesting moment in the game last yesterday.

I’m one of those cynics that almost every single time there is any fan and athlete contact, I think that it can only end badly.

When I first saw those guys grabbing Mario I thought that it was one of those situations and it easily could have gotten verrrrrry out of hand very quickly if MB turns around and swings on someone who is holding him – and I don’t care what you say, he has EVERY RIGHT to do just that.

* ISPS opinion *

Buying a ticket, in no way, no form, no fashion means that you are allowed to be grabbing players, or touching athletes when its not initiated by the player, no matter how well your intentions are. Slap ‘em five, chest bump them if they bring it to you, but keep your damn hands to yourself.

Now, all that being said, I totally get what the supporters were doing. They were looking out for the best interest of the club and the best interest of Mario and its actually a beautiful moment because it truly does live up to the spirit of the club and what spot is really about.

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* Someone on Mario’s PR team is now on the job. This is a reeeeeally good move on his part. Really good.

And big ups to Mario in the whole incident. There was a time when he gets up and slaps the supporters hands away, and then goes and squares up with Smalling until broken up by other players and / or the ref. Good on him that he’s maturing and seems to be in a different place.

Speaking of that, do we realize that Mario is still on 24 years old.

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Los Angeles to get Giant SHOE BOX Store on “Air Max Day” : SNKRS App

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nike box store air max day

March 26th is Air Max Day and if you follow NikeLA on the twitter it looks as if the Giant Shoe Box will be out’chea this week and they are taking limited reservations for the experience right now. Get on it soon though because one of the four is already sold out.

Remember the experience at NBA All-Star weekend last month in New York:

This is all as part of the release of the NIKE SNKRS app that is incredible.

It’s seriously incredible.

Like, NIKE outdid themselves with this one.

Like, I will be buying waaaaay too many pairs of shoes with this one.

Like, I will have to figure out a way to not be on that app as much as I’m on the gram.

Take a look at the video below and get more information at on the app.

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Video Alert :: “Baby Blue” Action Bronson ft. Chance The Rapper

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This is the new music video for Baby Blue by Action Bronson featuring Chance The Rapper directed by Lil Chris off “Mr. Wonderful” presented by the 2015 YouTube Music Awards. #YTMA

Mr. Wonderful by Action Bronson on iTunes

This is great. And so is the album. I woke up today and it was on my iTunes ready to be downloaded and I copped it immediately. Love Bronsolino, love the music, just wish it was longer than 48 minutes. That being said, its an 8.99 download. I’m ok with that.

baby blue ab 1

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Video :: “I accept it and the decision was right.” – Steven Gerrard Post Game / Red Card

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“I need to accept it, the decision was right. I’ve let down my team-mates and the supporters. I take full responsibility. I’ve been in the game long enough when you do something like that. I take full responsibility for today’s result.” – Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard

Bad tackle. You can never stomp someone because that is complete b.s., but, you have to respect a guy who stands up after the game and takes resposibility for his actions. He didn’t deflect, he didn’t find a reason why, he didn’t make excuses – he placed the blame squarely on himself.

All. Class.

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How Valuable / Expensive are the Players in Today’s El Clásico?

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I think we all have a pretty good grasp of what the market is for these players because we all see the headlines and press releases, but its sometimes looked at in a vacuum because the deals are always signed apart and on different days.

When someone breaks it down and puts all the numbers together and under a microscope, its really glaring to see what is happening. Some of these numbers are mind-boggling.

el cashico 2

If you ever want to have some fun and are not hip to it, check out the Market x Transfer market website for European football clubs and spend some time. It will mess your whole summer up.

Here is the link to La Liga overview since that is what we are talking about surf around to other pages. You can see the entire team salary table and compare players and leagues. It’s crazy.

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Soccer in America – Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena

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Beans and I rolled out to one of our favorite soccer pubs, Lucky Baldwin’s in Pasadena, to check out arch rivals Liverpool and Manchester United square off this morning. We thought it would be a rough one to watch anywhere because of the 6.30a start here on the west coast, but the good folks at LB opened up at 6a. You’ve seen the game so you know how it turned out.

This moment though, was one for the ages. The kid being held like “a trophy fish” apparently turned 30 and wanted this to happen after the win. Man United supporters obliged. And now we have video of it forever.

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When we got there in the morning 6.15ish am pacific, it was already a packed house!

Lucky Baldwins Liv v ManU

Lucky Baldwins British Pub & Cafe was opened in July 1996 by English owners David Farnworth and Peggy Simonian, who turned a run down business into the beer haven it is today. It is located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, in one of the oldest buildings in town.

If you are close and looking for a pub, go here.

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Nike Unveils Norway Home & Away Kits

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Nike Martin

~~  LOVING this Norway Away kit… And while it does have the #USMNT sash kit feel from the past, the white shorts and dark socks are just fire….. So, so clean.

via NikeInc

The first-ever Nike home and away kits for the Norwegian National Football Team honor Norway’s footballing heritage while incorporating the latest in technical innovation for maximum performance. The Norwegian side will debut their new away kit on-pitch against Croatia on March 28.

The new Norway kits are designed with the athlete in mind, offering zero distractions from elite performance. They feature a new, specially designed national crest symbolizing the team’s distinctive ability to rally the collective spirit of the country.

The home shirt is in Norway’s traditional red, with a gradient dark blue sash on the front panel. The full home kit includes white shorts and blue socks to create a timeless, crisp look.

The away kit is white with a V-neck collar, and the lightweight fabric features a subtle checkered pattern. The white away shorts and socks complete the kit’s clean aesthetic.

Nike Martin0

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Trailer :: Silicon Valley – Season 2 Trailer

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~~  One night I was walking into the hotel I stay at in Century City (across the street from CAA) and there was this ‘new show’ that was taping their scenes in the lobby…. I posted up against the wall and watched for about 45 minutes or so and during that time, I couldn’t stop laughing.  Even when the director yelled cut, these guys just kept going on and on to make eachother laugh.  I decided then I was going to give this ‘Silicon Valley’ show a full season run and I wasn’t dissapointed.

This spring, this s#!t gets real. Silicon Valley Season 2 premieres April 12 at 10PM, only on HBO.

Trailer - Silicon Valley

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