Carlos Bocanegra Announces Retirement At The End Of The Season

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~~  We’ve been fortunate to call Los a friend for a long, long time… Back to the days of club and High School rivalries in Southern California… Thinking back over his career – Alta Loma High School, UCLA, Chicago Fire, Captain of various US National Teams (110 Full National Team Caps / 14 Goals), Fulham, Rennes, Saint-Etienne, Rangers, Racing Santander and finally Chivas USA – Los led with dignity and class while paving the way for American & CONCACAF players abroad.  Very few people will ever know what it’s like to play at such a high level in five different countries and still Captain the US Men’s National Team. And after 14 years he’s decided to call it a day and focus on the next stage of life, something that he’s spent the last couple of years setting up behind the scenes. Check out CB3 Sports Performance & Soccer Academy.


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Watch An Eagle Soar Above A Club America Game Wearing a GoPro

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You know what’s cool? A drone getting footage from high above and changing the vantage point. You know what’s badass? An eagle soaring over a soccer game with a GoPro attached to it. That’s right, an eagle. Club America just upped the game with this eagle soaring over their game and capturing some legit “birds eye view” type ish.

Every other soccer team in the world, the content game has just been upped. Club America, you win today. Felicidades!

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MLS Insider :: New York Red Bulls’ Bradley Wright-Phillips

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Bradley Wright-Phillips

~~  Some incredible stuff from the perspective of the son of a legend…. And from a player who currently lines up alongside a legend…. Both Ian Wright-Phillips and Thierry Henry bringing their perspectives to the table.

When all of Wembley chants your Dad’s name, and your mentor is among the game’s most revered players, it makes sense that you’re gunning for a Golden Boot. But there was a time when Bradley Wright Phillips would not have dreamed of leading MLS in scoring and forging into the New York Red Bulls record book. And it isn’t easy, either.

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Action Bronson’s “F***, That’s Delicious” – Random Soccer in Random Places

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Go with Action Bronson around New York City food on a food tour like no other. He takes us in the kitch to cook with his aunt, to a cool and apparently classic neighborhood pizza joint called, Dani’s House of Pizza.

In the middle of all this, he stops by my new crush, Christina Tosi’s, famous Milk Bar bakery to transform his aunt’s homemade baklava into a milkshake.

After that Bronsolino, gets tatted up and crushes a shit ton of Korean fried chicken and White Castle cheeseburgers.

Now, there isnt a whole lot of soccer in this. Actually, there is barely none, but for a brief moment his cousin steps away from the kitchen to catch up on some soccer thats on the tv. His female cousin. And she is uniquely engaged. Which made me think of something. That, AB is really about the soccer life. Its a family thing. I remembered this tweet from some time last year. And I remembered this post from around the same time.

action bronson soccer tweet

The other thing. This is a great freaking video. Why this guy isnt on tv all the time, I have no idea. From the major league Guy Fieri troll job to the Spanish that he is kicking at the pizza joint, I was enthralled the entire time.

And to that Spanish. Its awesome. Not that I didn’t believe that Bronsolino had worked in restuarants his whole life, but now I’m certain…. that is straight up restaurant Spanish. Its crazy, I learned the majority of the Spanish I know, when I was a bartender and a server. Funny, that Action said he learned from working with some dudes way back.

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Dunga Names Neymar Captain Of Brazil

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Neymar Captain

~~  No surprise here…..  Kid is the present and the future of Brazil.

via CBF

Dunga confirmed at the news conference that the decision had already been taken at the meeting on Tuesday and announced to the whole group: Neymar is the new captain of the Brazilian national team.

- It is a reference and will deal with it calmly. Liked having that responsibility and was very happy.

Dunga spoke about one of the reasons that led him to make the choice.

- The Neymar likes challenge and likes to win. These two requirements are that every captain should have.

The armband given to Neymar does not mean he is “the leader” of the Brazilian. Least because Dunga did not believe a single leadership.

He even lived this experience. World Cup 1994 – at the beginning – he was not the captain. But it was a recognized leader.

- The team needs to have several players with characteristics of leadership beyond the captain.

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Soccer in America – A Photographic Journey

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Miniature soccer goals in backyards was a staple of my youth. We would spend hours playing one v one or two v two whenever possible. Goals like this dot backyards around the US and help inspire generations of kids to pursue the sport every day. Shouts to the next generation practicing in their backyard every day with goals just like this.

Los Angeles

Summer 2014


To submit your photos for inclusion in this series, email them to dunny [at] bumpy

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Inspired By :: Dax McCarty

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As we explore the topic of coaches influencing players on and off the field,  we have seen Danny O’Rourke and Chris Schuler talk about their college coaches and the respective influence these guys had on their lives. Now it’s our boy Dax McCarty’s turn, and he takes a slightly different approach. For Dax, it was his dad that showed him love for the game early on and then his high school coach who helped mold Dax into the player that he would become.

It’s nice to hear a story that differs slightly from the others in terms of what stage in a players career that influential coach surfaced. For Dax it was earlier than Chris and Danny. Press play on the video and let Dax tell you the real story.

Make sure to get out to a theater around you the weekend of September 12th to check out the movie Believe which touches on the importance of the roles that players and coaches play in each others lives.

Support those that support soccer.


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Nike Air Max Lunar90 PRM QS – Deep Burgundy

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Nike Burg

A good look at the Deep Burgundy color way drop in the Nike Air Max Lunar90 PRM QS, spotted and available over at CaliRoots.

~~  How. Fresh. Are. These.

Nike Burg0

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