I’m Ridiculously Impressed with OG Ronaldo’s Vertical Ability

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I’m super impressed by this. We posted earlier this week on a video that OG Ronaldo threw up on his ig and now there are several videos with his ups and I felt I needed to run it back because its so cool. According to the post, Ronaldo says that his vertical is at 110 cms (43.3 inches).

Here is a chart that shows norms for vertical to rank it.

vertical chart chart spotted at topendsports.com

Now, that chart is just something from the internets, but I happen to know a little something about vert because when I was in high school I was in the mid 30′s depending on the day and what I had for lunch, so I can vouch that this is a useful chart.

Let’s just think about this. To put some perspective on it, Mike Jordan’s vert is reported to be in the high 40s. LeBron is reported to be in the mid 40′s. Kobe is at 38. Cristiano Ronaldo is reported have a vertical at around 78 cms (30 inches).

He next attempted 113 cms, with not as much success.

113cm ????????????????

Um vídeo publicado por Ronaldo (@ronaldolima) on

* By the way, I love that this is one of the countries greatests sporting legends and it appears that he just works out at some random fitness club in a strip mall. Ronaldo is the peoples champ! A man of the people! He’s just like us.

* The music selection though…. Love it. And because I’m good at this internets thing …. I present you “Summertime” from the album “Don’t You Remember The Future” by Jamie Jones

** Update **

As pointed out by OG Winger Tyler Lacock on twitter, there are different ways of measuring a vertical and comparing the numbers to NBA dudes is off. I agree with that…

* What Ron is doing is not a vertical test that a basketball player would perform, but more of an NFL style “box jump” …. he’s got a way to go until he is in JJ Watt box jump territory!

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England’s Wayne Rooney Shows Customized Nike Hypervenom’s for his 100th Cap

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Chief Ethics Investigator Michael Garcia Statement On FIFA Clearing 2018/2022 World Cup Bids

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~~  I just can’t see how Michael Garcia’s FULL REPORT isn’t going to see the light of day….. ESPECIALLY after this all went down in the last couple of days.

Chief Ethics Investigator / New York District Attorney Michael Garcia said in a statement: “Today’s decision by the chairman of the adjudicatory chamber contains numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations of the facts and conclusions detailed in the investigatory chamber’s report.”

“I intend to appeal this decision to the FIFA Appeal Committee.”

Why did Garcia issue the statement above you ask?

The 42 page report by Chairman of the Adjudicatory Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee Hans-Joachim Eckert clearing Russia and Qatar of any wrongdoing…..


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New Kit Alert :: NYCFC and David Villa Unveil Inaugural Home Kit – adidas

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“There’s only one first kit.” – NYCFC

David Villa, NYCFC’s first player unveils the first NYCFC kit.

The jersey features the Club’s badge, chosen by fans, which is inspired by the old New York City Subway Token, created by the Transit Authority in 1953 and used for 50 years as the standard fare for a ride. The last version of the token had a cut out pentagon in the center representing the five boroughs, similar to what appears on either side of the monogram, to reinforce the Club’s connection to the entire city.

The shirt is available right now at shop.nycfc.com in mens, womens and youth sizes.

* I’m with it. – ISPS

nycfc first home kit

[H / t @adidasUSPRGuy for image above]

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Watch :: The “MLS Future is Now” Video

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MLS – The Future is Now – With a burgeoning domestic league, new expansion teams and avid supporters, Major League Soccer is fast becoming the THE sport to follow in the States. – Copa90 on youtube

* Jay Z is credited with one of the best quotes ever, “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.”

This video channels some Jay Z.

[H / t to S. Francis]

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Matt Jordan introduced as new Houston Dynamo General Manager

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Last week, The Houston Dynamo announced the appointment of Matt Jordan as their vice president/general manager to oversee soccer operations and the technical areas of the club after tenured Dominic Kinnear decided to end run with the Dynamo and take over the San Jose Earthquakes.

Today, Mr. Jordan was formally introduced and along with president Chris Canetti, met with the media for the first time since Jordan’s appointment.

For full Dynamo coverage, head over to www.HoustonDynamo.com

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Video Alert :: “Video Girl” – FKA Twigs

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Tahliah Debrett Barnett, better known by her stage name FKA twigs, is an English singer-songwriter, producer and dancer originally from Gloucestershire and currently based in London. “FKA” stands for “Formerly Known As” and her debut album, LP1, was released in August of 2014 and its effing incredible. She’s the next one. *

fka twigs 1

* I’ll be totally honest with you. I can never be one of those people and act like I was on the Twigs bandwagon from the beginning, because to keep it all the way 100, I wasn’t feeling this chick in the beginning. When she first started to get a little bit of the mist and I started hearing her name, I looked her up on the internets and wasn’t impressed with the look or the “antics.” Nothing super serious, but the press releases that I saw some extreme pictures and she also happened to be dating that Twilight dude.

I thought she was all the way gimmick.

But something interesting happened one day when I was at a record store looking through albums. I happened to be in the “Experimental Music” section and I saw one of her EPs and loved the cover. So the next time that I saw her LP1 album I was going to buy it. Then I listened to it. The first time I didn’t get it and then the second time around it hit me like a ton of bricks. I immediately downloaded her EP1 and EP2 mixtapes and listened to them all the way through. I’m now efforting them on vinyl.

After that, I replayed the entire B-side of LP1. Song for song, its as solid a four song sequence as I have heard in a long time.

* Two more things, if you don’t eff with Young Turks Records out of the UK, you don’t know music. Google that shit and get hip to that label. And, I so wish I had teh days off and could fly and see FKAT in Japan or Australia.

* Also, this video is weird af. But its dope af too. And when she starts doing her dancing thing at about the 2m mark, man alive….

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Complete ESPN “30 for 30 Soccer Stories” Streaming on NETFLIX

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30 for 30 on netflix

So earlier today we posted about this cool new website called wheretowatch.com that you can search by title or “talent” and it will give you results of where related movies or television shows are playing.

I was testing it out earlier and entered in a whole bunch of stuff hoping to break it, and I threw in “30 for 30″ and happened to get a result telling me that some of the 30′s are streaming on Netflix.

I jumped over to Netflix and there you have it, all of the 30 for 30 Soccer Stories that ESPN dropped during the World Cup are available for streaming right now.

If you happened to miss one or all of these because you were just so caught up in this summers event, I can’t suggest to you strongly enough that you need to find some time in the near future to watch all of these.

Any soccer head needs to have these viewings in their dome piece.

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