US Falls to Mexico in CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship Semifinals

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Just 13 seconds after the USA’s Andrew Feld leveled the score at 3-3, Angel Rodriguez netted the game-winning goal for Mexico with 5:31 remaining in the third period.

Losing to Mexico always hurts. A 3 – 4 loss at the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship semifinals yesterday, in Costa del Sol, El Salvador was the latest edition of this regional rivalry where Mexico came out on top. The US team had been player great ball and seemed poised to head to the championship match, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The US will take on El Salvador next.

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Watch :: Mesut Ozil’s stunning free kick – Arsenal vs. Liverpool

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Mesut Ozil provided us with an absolute gem of a goal on Saturday.

The enigmatic Arsenal attacker stepped up and curled home a wonderful free kick in the first half of Arsenal’s game with Liverpool, his first Premier League goal since Feb. 7. – NBC Sports – ProSoccerTalk

Mesut has been a big part of this run that Arsenal has been on. Not always the most watchable player but this free kick is beautiful. I’ve actually always been a fan of this kid and thought that he’s underachieved a little bit from how well he plays internationally, but I may also expect a little too much from him. He’s a really good player, he reminded us of that today.

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USWNT to take on New Zealand in Front of Huge Crowd in St. Louis

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The WNT will begin its four-game home schedule leading into the 2015 Women’s World Cup with a match against New Zealand at Busch Stadium in St. Louis on April 4 and a record crowd will be on hand.

Great video here. Shouts out to the people of the greater St. Louis area too; over 34,000 in Busch Stadium, one of the most iconic sporting venues in North America in one of the most sports crazy cities in the United States.

Here is some of the local coverage too!

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Robbie Rogers in GQ Magazine

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Cool spread in GQ next month with the LA Galaxy’s Robbie Rogers. We’ve seen lots of soccer players from Cristiano to Becks, Timmy Howard to Thierry Henry and Michael Bradley, and now we are seeing more Robbie in GQ.

He was a big part of the GQ Men of the Year issue and party in 2014 and now he’s got his own spread in the magazine. Obviously there has been a shift in men of our generation taking a lot better care of ourselves, how we look and how we get down in this world and the GQ lifestyle which has been around for a while is having a resurgence of sort and Robbie’s style fits very well with it.

You know that Hawaiian shirt you picked up last summer? Meet its brighter-than-ever cousin: The exploded-print shirt. Here’s how to pull off wearing oversize feathers, enlarged flowers, and mondo checks with L.A. Galaxy soccer star Robbie Rogers

Check it out: Not-So-Fine Prints, Robbie Rogers in GQ – GQ Style

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* #FBF, that time we were in GQ *

Bumpy Pitch - GQ

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Talkin’ Real :: Jordan Allen Interview & SJ Earthquakes Preview

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Coming off the backside of Real Salt Lake’s 2 -1 win at home against Toronto FC this past Sunday at Rio Tinto Stadium, I sat down with the man who scored the game winner 19 year old ‘HomeGrown’ product Jordan Allen and preview #RSL at the San Jose Earthquakes this Sunday on ESPN 2…..

‘Brian Dunseth and Dave Fox take a look forward to Sunday’s Real Salt Lake contest with San Jose featuring a new head coach and goalkeeper. Dunseth also has an interview with 19-year-old Jordan Allen, the hero of the last match. He talks about recovering from his an injury, both mentally and physically, and getting time in games again after a long layoff.’

FYI ::  Take a hard listen to Jordan Allen… This kid is the real deal and very, very well spoken… And he’s going to have a big role in the US U-20′s & US U-23′s.

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Watch :: First ever film of Manchester United (1902)

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It is the very earliest footage of Manchester United, The frenetic action shows United (in dark tops) apparently on the back foot against near-neighbours Burnley. Manchester United would go on to win 2-0.

The film (titled: Burnley v Manchester United (1902)) was shot just a few months after Manchester United changed their name from Newton Heath.

United were a Second-Division team in 1902-03, finishing the season in fifth place. They would have to wait until the 1906-07 season to play in the First Division for the first time under their new name. Burnley, one of the founders of the Football League, was to finish the season at the bottom of the Second Division. – British Film Institute

In doing a little bit of research (googling) the background on how they became Manchester United from Newton Heath, I found out that in January of 1902, the team was doing very poor financially with debts of £2,670 (about $13,250 USD) – the equivalent to £250,000 ($370,000 USD) in 2015 – and the club was served with a winding-up order (British for liquidation).

Captain of the team at the time, Harry Stafford, found a few local businessmen willing to throw in and save the club. One of the businessmen, John Henry Davies, a wealthy brewery owner who became club president, was part of a group of 4 guys each willing to invest £500 in return for a direct interest in running the club.

On 24 April 1902, the club’s name was changed from Newton Heath to Manchester United. They switched the colors of the kits from Newton Heath’s white and navy to Manchester United’s red, white and black, and they’ve been that ever since.

Here is a picture of the club after they became Manchester United.

Man.utd 1902-03

That is absolutely awesome video and I want to give a big shout out to our film guy down in New Orleans, Casey, for shooting us the link.

The pitch, I believe is Turf Moor back in the early 1900s because Bank Street, where Newton Heath / United played, looks similar, but different enough to think this was an away game for Man United.

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Jacksonville Armada Looking To Break Attendance Record

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Soccer in America is happening. Let me start this post off with that. Everywhere I turn there is news coming out that reinforces that soccer is making serious moves here in the US. The obvious place to look and see that happening is MLS. Expansion is happening. Cities are fighting to get their own MLS franchise. New TV deals for MLS are being secured around the world. Big brands are coming in as sponsors. Stadiums are full of fans. Highlights are on TV. It’s not hard to see the excitement that surrounds MLS right now.

But let’s not forget what is bubbling up and taking place outside of MLS. There are some very real things going on in leagues outside of just MLS. We all know the story of Orlando who made the jump to MLS. The recent announcement of Minnesota following suit and jumping from the NASL to MLS. Sacramento is in the news for what those folks are building in the California state capitol. Indy eleven has been in the news looking to build their own stadium. And now I hear about this campaign, from NASL newcomers the Jacksonville Armada, where they are trying to break the attendance record for a modern day NASL team. In their very first game in NASL.


That’s right. This Saturday will be the first game that the Jacksonville Armada will play in NASL. And they are working hard to ensure that they break that previously mentioned attendance record of 14,593. And to elevate the experience for fans, they are having a 7 hour pre game festival that will have live music and craft beer. Say no more.

I wish the Jacksonville Armada all the best in breaking that record. I hope local soccer fans come out in heavy numbers and not only break the record, but smash it. Send a signal.

As the sport continues to grow, we are going to see more stories like what we saw with Orlando and Minnesota. More cities supporting like we see in Sacramento. Maybe Jacksonville gets in that conversation. And there will be others. The sport is rising. There is too much interest in it. And quite frankly, there are fans out there that don’t have access to a local MLS team. There are only so many MLS teams spread out in this giant country of ours, which leaves a whole lot of soccer fans going out and supporting their local NASL and USL club.

All of what is taking place shows that soccer in America is not only moving in the right direction, but that is has some serious momentum behind it. As exciting as all of this is, it’s only the beginning. Things are going to get really real in terms of where soccer finds itself in the sporting landscape of America. And it’s going to happen quicker than some might think. It’s hard to slow something down as momentum behind it continues to build. There is probably some law of physics that would back me up here.

In the meantime, on Saturday April 2, 2015, let’s see if the Jacksonville Armada can break the modern day NASL attendance record in their very first game in the league. Play On. Players.


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Online Soccer Academy’s 5th Annual World Juggle-a-thon

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Its that time again!! As you know, we’ve been a pretty big supporter of what jared is doing over at OSA and in his World Juggle-a-thon and its kicking off again soon.

Every 60 seconds a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection.

Will you juggle to save lives?

The Online Soccer Academy will be hosting their 5th annual OSA World Juggle-a-thon for Nothing But Nets! It’s on April 25th - World Malaria Day.

You can take part anywhere in the world you have a ball.

Join them and Juggle to Get Better, Juggle to Save Lives!

Register as a Juggler on the “Juggle-a-thon” page at

Pro players like  Heather O’Reilly from the US Women’s National Team, Yael Averbuch and Jay Demerit are taking part.  Plus many more!

OSA stands for Online Soccer Academy.  Founded by a former pro, the Online Soccer Academy makes better players through free online training videos.  They have 200+ free training videos and their videos have been viewed 18+ million times.  Their mission is to inspire players that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible.

Part of being a good pro is giving back to your community.  The OSA wants players to use your talents to help fight malaria by juggling!

$10 is all it takes to send a net and save a life!

How it Works:

On April 25th – World Malaria Day – players of all ages juggle anywhere in the world they have a ball at 6pm their standard time and try to break their juggling record.  Players juggle by themselves, with friends or their teammates.

Prior to April 25th, jugglers raise money from friends and family.  All money raised goes to Nothing But Nets!

In the past 4 years this event has raised $26,000 for Nothing But Nets.  That’s 2600 lives saved.  This year our “it” is to raise $10,000.  We need your help to make that happen!

More info and registration on the “Juggle-a-thon” page at

Are you a Coach? If yes, you can register your team to juggle.

Top youth clubs like Houston Texans, Chiefs FC and CUSA Crew Juniors are taking part!

Once registered you will receive fundraising and juggling directions.  It’s easy to take part!

Contact Jared Montz at if you have any questions.

We encourage everyone to take part and Juggle to get better, Juggle to Save Lives!

Here is a recap from last year to get you fired up for this year!

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